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The UK spouse visa allows individuals to bring their partners to the UK. This category of visa falls under the Family visa category. A spouse visa is also commonly known as a Marriage visa.

In this post we will discuss some of the requirements for a UK spouse visa and its process and extension.

Spouse visa qualifying requirements

Before applying for a UK Spouse visa one must know are the requirements to begin with towards your application

  1. Both applicant and spouse must be at least 18 years of age and above.
  2. The applicant and the spouse must know each other and the marriage must be legal
  3. The applicant and the spouse must have a long term intention to live in the UK.
  4. The applicant and spouse must have enough finances to support themselves without having to access public funds. 
  5. The applicant must be able to earn a minimum of  £18,600 per year and other finances to sustain a family in the UK. 
  6. The applicant must have suitable accommodation for their spouse and child dependent, if any.
  7. The spouse must have passed the English language proficiency test.

Let us look at each of these requirements specifically

Financial qualifying requirements

You need to meet the minimum financial requirement and saving prerequisites for yourself as well as your spouse. You need to guarantee that you meet the pay or investment funds measures. On the off chance that you are applying from outside the UK, just the British resident’s pay can be thought of. Yet, assuming you are applying from inside the UK, joint pay can be thought of. The base measure of pay ought to be £18,600 and this would increment on the off chance that you have children.

English language requirements

Candidates who have a certificate at Bachelors/Masters level from UK college.

The candidate can present their certification or scholarly capability which is perceived by UK NARIC as being identical to a UK four year college education or higher. 

Candidates who have a degree or scholastic capability that was educated or investigated in English. 

Relationship requirements

The relationship between applicant and spouse must be genuine and subsisting.

The applicant must have been in cohabitation with the spouse. 

Your marriage must have been legally registered in the UK and you must have been married at least 2 years.

Documents that you need to send in

  1.  Your salary, in the event that you acquire it in the UK. 
  2. Cash reserve funds above £16,000. 
  3. annuity cash. 
  4. Non-work pay, for example property rentals or profits.
  5. bank articulations of the accomplice previously dwelling in the UK. 
  6. a half year of payslips. 
  7. A letter from a business which incorporates the work title, the period the person has worked there, the current compensation and furthermore payslips

 Application procedure and fee 

You must make your application online and pay the required fee of £1,464 for outside the UK, and £993 from within the UK and if you apply for premium service it costs £1,583.

It takes upto 8 weeks for your application to get processed. You can extend your application 28 days before your current spouse visa. 

You can also take legal advice from immigration solicitors. A Y & J Solicitors have been industry experts for 10+ years. They have helped more than 4000 clients to get successful. 

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