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The Elysian Spirit Shield is a mighty item to get, if you’re ready to invest time and gold.

There’s little doubt that defence has a big role to play in many MMO titles. Old School Runescape is no exception to the rule, as it can often be the key to victory. A form of defence is through shields, which you can gain through drops, skills or spending OSRS gold. They are one of the most effective OSRS items for sale, though they will take some investment and commitment to get. This is especially true where the Elysian Spirit Shield is concerned, so is it worth your time?

About the Elysian Spirit Shield

The Elysian Spirit Shield is one of few choices of Spirit Shields you can obtain in the game. To wield this particular spirit shield you will have to meet the necessary skill requirements. To be able to use the shield, you will need to be at level 75 in both defence and prayer.

To make the shield, a sigil is needed. Specifically, the Elysian Sigil is what’s required, which is obtained as a rare drop via the Corporeal Beast. This is a difficult fight if you’re not prepared, as there is a lot of health that you need to whittle down. Then we need to get our hands on a Blessed Spirit Shield. By combining it with the sigil using a hammer at an anvil, we can make the Elysian Spirit Shield. There are skill requirements for this process too, which stand at level 90 for prayer and level 85 for the smithing skill.

Like with other shields of this type, there is the opportunity to still complete this process without having to reach the skill levels. However, this is going to cost you OSRS gp if you wish to bypass raising your skill levels. If you are willing to part with your OSRS gold, then start heading over to Edgeville Monastery to speak with Abbot Langley. Here, you can use the sigil and the Blessed Spirit Shield to be combined together to make the Elysian Spirit Shield. The cost is 1,500,000 coins, so if you are looking for OSRS gold for sale, then this would be a good reason to grab some.

Should You Pursue this Shield?

As you will have noticed by now, this isn’t the easiest of tasks when looking to acquire this shield. That said, it is a shield that does have its advantages over its other Spirit Shield counterparts. An example of this would be the melee and ranged defence bonuses that you get with it, both of which are superior to the Spectral and Arcane Spirit Shields.

Meanwhile, in the shield slot the Elysian Spirit Shield boasts the highest crush defence. So if you’ve been looking for a shield that can deter as much damage as possible, then you will be in the presence of one of the best shields in the entire game.

What will really sell the shield for a lot of players is the passive effect. The Elysian Shield is capable of reducing the damage that a player endures by 25%, though this isn’t guaranteed. There is a 70% chance of this happening though, and you’re looking at around 17% damage being reduced on average.

There are a few facts that you do need to know about the passive effect however. It won’t be of any use against every form of damage in the game. There are special attacks that come from monsters that won’t be affected, and the likes of poison plus other forms of non-combat damage will be unaffected as well.

If your enemies have the likes of Guthan’s set or enchanted onyx bolt, then they will be fully healed without reduction, no matter the status of the shield’s passive effect. If you do take damage whilst you have the effect activated, then there will be a minimum reduction of 1, regardless of how low the hit damage was. A good enemy to use this shield against in this instance would be the Kraken. Since it’s tentacles can only hit you with a maximum of 2, the shield will be cutting down the amount of damage you take. The fact that this is a frequent attack as well is going to make all of the difference.

This should hopefully give you a better insight into what the Elysian Spirit Shield is capable of. The requirements that you need to meet can be difficult, though you can overcome this if you’re willing to invest or buy OSRS gold. If you choose the latter option, you should be able to find the cheapest OSRS gold sites possible.

Have you obtained this OSRS Elysian spirit shield? Let us know in the comments section below!

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