Using DeepMaterial PCB smt underfill epoxy and bga underfill material for different applications


Underfill epoxy is a type of adhesive that is applied to the back of a circuit board. It fills the gaps between the board and the PCB substrate. It also locks down any solder balls on the back of the board, preventing them from moving during use or shipping. In this section, I will be discussing how underfill epoxy is used in PCBs, what it does for PCBs, and what its benefits are for other types of electronic devices.


BGA Underfill Epoxy is a compound that is used to fill the voids in a BGA package. It is designed to be used with epoxy or solder paste and provides a thermal path to the ground plane of the PCB. BGA underfill epoxy is an adhesive material that is used to protect the solder joints of a ball grid array (BGA) package. The epoxy is placed beneath the BGA package and on top of the PCB after it has been soldered. There are two types of BGA underfill epoxy: UV curable and heat curable. UV curable BGA underfill epoxy is cured by exposure to ultraviolet light, while heat-cured BGA underfill epoxy requires a temperature above 140 degrees Fahrenheit for curing.

Uses Of BGA Underfill Epoxy

A BGA Underfill Epoxy is a type of epoxy that is used to fill the gaps between the ball grid array (BGA) and PCB substrate. The BGA Underfill Epoxy can be used to prevent solder balls from coming into contact with each other and causing a short circuit. This ensures that there are no points of failure in the system. The epoxy also prevents moisture from entering the space between the two components, which can cause corrosion. BGA underfill epoxy is a two-component, moisture-cured adhesive that is used to bond the ball grid array (BGA) chip to the printed circuit board (PCB). The epoxy is applied over the top of the BGA chip and then cured.

Reason Of Important

There are many reasons why it is important for a BGA underfill epoxy to be moisture cured. Moisture curing ensures that the adhesive will not fail due to moisture penetration, which can happen if it were subjected to a high temperature cure cycle. Moisture curing also ensures that there will be no voids or bubbles in the adhesive layer, which can occur if it were subjected to a high pressure cure cycle.

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Main Function

The BGA underfill epoxy is a type of epoxy resin that is used to fill the gaps in the BGA. The main function of this epoxy is to increase the mechanical strength and thermal resistance of the assembly. It also provides a conductive path between the chip and heat sink. The epoxy is available in two versions: with or without filler particles. BGA Underfill Epoxy is a type of epoxy that is used to bond the chip and the circuit board together.

Bond Together Two Layer By Heating

The bonding of the chip to the circuit board is done by applying a thin layer of BGA underfill epoxy on both sides of the PCB and then placing it on top of the chip. The two layers are then bonded together by heating them with a hot air gun or other heating sources. BGA Underfill Epoxy is a type of epoxy that is used to fill the space between the BGA and PCB. It provides an insulation layer for the BGA, which can help it withstand higher temperatures.

First They Can Use

The use of BGA Underfill Epoxy can be traced back to the 1980s. The first use was in NASA’s space shuttle program, where it was used to replace metal spacers that were used to hold circuit boards in place. BGA Underfill Epoxy is a liquid epoxy resin that is used to fill the space between the BGA chip and the PCB. It provides protection against corrosion, thermal cycling, and mechanical stresses.


The underfill epoxy also protects the solder joint from thermal fatigue. When you are looking for a good BGA Underfill Epoxy, you should look for one that has good adhesion properties, does not have any shrinkage issues, has high viscosity at low temperatures and high viscosity at high temperatures.

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