Various Symptoms Of Mental Illness And Their Treatment


Mental health disorders affect how we behave, talk, act, and impact our daily lives. Recognizing the symptoms early can be beneficial for you. This can encourage you to get treatment early and avoid more complications. So, let us read about some mental illness symptoms and their treatment. Book an online doctor consultation with a psychiatrist in Kolkata if you cannot visit in person. 

What is Mental Illness?

Mental illnesses or problems influence how you talk, act, and think. They alter your emotions/mood and can make it challenging to carry out your daily activities at work and home.

Various Symptoms of Mental Illness 

Consult a health professional if you frequently experience some of these symptoms. Let us read about these symptoms:

1. Mood Changes 

You may experience rapid or dramatic shifts in emotions like sadness, irritability, happiness, and anger. 

2. Sleep Changes or Appetite Changes

You may notice that you cannot fall asleep or excessively sleepy throughout the day, or have trouble staying asleep throughout the night. Similarly, your appetite may change suddenly and drastically—for instance, overeating or under-eating. If these conditions get worse then you should consult the best psychiatrist in Kolkata.

3. Troubles Functioning or Withdrawals

You may be less interested in school, work, or social activities. You may also notice a drop in your interest in activities you enjoy. This will lead to instances like quitting sports or painting, failing in school, or difficulty performing daily activities. 

4. Trouble Thinking

A Loss in concentration or focus while performing tasks, problems in remembering, issues with logical thoughts, and trouble in speech. You should contact a psychiatrist in Kolkata. 

5. Increased Sensitivity

If you feel uncomfortable or agitated due to certain sounds, smells, sights, or touch, you may be experiencing sensitivity which could be associated with many underlying conditions. This, in turn, leads you to avoid situations that can overstimulate your mind or body. 

6. Feeling Disconnected

You may notice yourself feeling disconnected or detached from reality. You end up not noticing what is happening in your surroundings or do not react to things happening around you. 

7. Nervousness

You are being overly cautious or suspicious of others. A strong and continuous feeling of fear or nervousness. It could be due to many undetected mental illnesses. It would help if you talked with a psychiatrist in Kolkata to discuss these feelings or you can book an online doctor consultation for the same. 

8. Illogical Thinking

These kinds of symptoms are much easier to notice in other people. For example, you may notice exaggerated and unusual beliefs. Also, unreasonable or magical thinking is a common childhood thinking in adults. 

9. Unusual Behaviour or Suicidal Behaviour

You may notice odd, uncharacteristic, or peculiar behaviour. This behaviour is easily noticeable if you are close to the person. For example, if you are having thoughts of self-injury, immediately seek out a mental health professional to help you out. 

10. Trouble Understanding or Relating to People or Situations

You might understand that you cannot relate to or comprehend other people’s situations. As a result, you feel detached, or it makes you appear unattached. 

Treatment Options for Various Mental Health Symptoms by a Psychiatrist in Kolkata

The first step towards treatment is getting help. Immediate action and early treatment can prevent symptoms from worsening, avoid hospitalisation, and improve prognosis. Encourage yourself and those around you to seek help, learn more about mental illness, get support counselling, and get evaluated by a professional. Once you connect with a psychiatrist, they will evaluate you and devise a treatment plan. Treatment options include:

1. Medication

Some mental illnesses can be treated using medications. For instance, antidepressant, antianxiety and antipsychotic medications. These medications affect the chemicals in your brain, resulting in you experiencing lesser symptoms. 

2. Psychotherapy 

Being able to talk about your problems and the feeling you are experiencing with a psychiatrist in Kolkata can help manage the symptoms and overcome the challenges caused by the symptoms. Psychotherapy can be in a one-on-one setting with a professional or a group setting with other patients. One technique mental health professionals use is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). This is a form of therapy that helps you in changing negative habits and thought patterns. 

Furthermore, some mental illnesses like depression may be treated with alternative therapies. For instance, massage, herbal remedies, yoga, meditation, and acupuncture. However, it is necessary to consult with your psychiatrist before using any alternative therapies. 

3. Brain Stimulation Therapies

For instance, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and electroconvulsive therapy may be used to treat mental illnesses. These treatments change how the brain cells and nerves process and respond to different stimuli. In addition, these can be used if medications do not seem effective. 

In conclusion, as you have read about the symptoms and their treatments. If you are facing any of these symptoms, you schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist. So, do not let mental health disorders disrupt your life. Furthermore, book an online doctor consultation with a psychiatrist in Kolkata using Bajaj Finserv Health. 

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