Ways to Help Your Child Ace KS3 Maths


One of the most difficult subjects at school has got to be maths. Unlike other subjects, it takes time to learn the right formulas to use and methods to work out the answer to different problems. 

Often, parents think that they cannot help their child with KS3 maths. If you were not good at maths when you were at school, you might feel like you are in the same boat. But, this is not true. While you may not be able to help them with maths problems, there are plenty of other ways you can support your child and make sure they ace their exams. Lets’ take a look at a few things you can start doing today to help with KS3 maths.

Hire a KS3 Maths Tutor

Maths is a difficult subject and not every parent is going to be able to help their child when it comes to studying. Whether your child is struggling in class or they do not feel confident about an upcoming exam, hiring a tutor can be highly beneficial. Your child can receive individual support, which is something that might not be available in school. They can get help on the topics they are struggling with, which can allow them to improve their confidence and maths grades.

Therefore, even just a few hours a week can be beneficial to improve at KS3 maths. Thankfully, there is a lot of support out there from knowledgeable tutors. This includes online support, as well as tutors that can visit your home.

Form a Healthy Routine

Of course, study habits are going to be important leading up to exams. You want your child to have study time every day and this is something they know they have to do. But, you also have to remember that the way your child feels will impact how well their study session is going to go. Namely, if they are eating a lot of junk food and sugar, they might not be able to concentrate or have the energy later on to study.

So, forming a healthy routine to going to help your child when it comes to maths and all of their other subjects. We are talking about having a routine when it comes to sleep. Getting a good amount of rest is vital for memory and concentration. In addition, a healthy diet is going to help with stable energy levels and to make your child feel good. Do not forget that a walk is beneficial for children too. It is beneficial to get fresh air and even some vitamin D.

Discuss the Exam Nerves

It is normal to be nervous about exams. But, there are plenty of ways you can overcome these nerves on the day. This is something that you can help your child with. You can talk about how they feel about their exam and find ways you can keep them calm and collected ahead of the big day. Yes, you are likely to be nervous as a parent too. But, the most important thing is that you remain positive and pass this good energy to your child.

Therefore, keep checking in with your child ahead of the exam to calm their nerves. Talk about how proud you are of them and that you know you are going to do their best. You can also discuss techniques you use to stay calm in nervous situations and how taking deep breaths and taking your mind off maths can actually help.

Encourage Breaks 

When it comes to studying and learning maths, it cannot be all hard work and no play. This is definitely how your child is going to become bored and frustrated with the subject. Instead, make sure that they take regular breaks when they are doing schoolwork and studying. You can introduce healthy snacks and make sure they move away from their books or computer during their breaks.

For example, you can set them a time of studying for one hour and then they can have a break for 20 minutes. This gives your child something to look forward to and they know that they are not going to be endlessly studying. This is particularly true after a day of school.

Remember to Reward Your Child

Do not forget that you want to reward your child too. When they have been doing well with KS3 maths, you want to reward them. This makes them feel good about themselves and can encourage confidence. They will want to keep doing well since they know that this is going to lead to good things.

Rewards can come in a variety of forms. Yes, you can buy presents for your child. But, you can also arrange family days together or allow them to have a friend over. Think of everything your child likes to do.

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