Weekend Getaway from Chennai: Tranquebar


Finally, as your hectic schedule came to a momentary pause, and you had time you got to sit someplace in a corner. You were doing nothing but eat and browse the internet. Ever since the summer marked its arrival, social media has been flooded with photographs of people vacationing, on beaches, and hill stations enjoying the dawn and sunsets with their seasonal brews. 

If you want to explore some new places and if you badly want to make some memories worth remembering, a trip from Chennai to Tranquebar, will quench your thirst for an outing filled with nature and history. Southern beaches of India are so underrated that they are not often on the travel itinerary of tourists. So, it’s your time to show them that Tranquebar is worth visiting. Book a cab from the station to Chennai, as cab services were the greatest alternative for first-timers like yours.


Tranquebar, also known as Tharangambadi, was a Danish settlement in the 17th century. The town is located in the Nagapattinam district. The name Tharangambadi means “place of singing waves.” It was formerly a bustling fort, but with the arrival of railways, it lost its significance. There are a few hotels in town, including the ‘Bungalow on the Beach,’ which features a restaurant that offers decent meals.

Best places to visit in Tranquebar

Here is a list of places to visit in Tranquebar. 

  1. Fort Dansborg

The town is home to a fort that was built by a Danish trading expedition and has been renovated over time. On the fort’s grounds, there’s also a tiny Danish museum.

  1. Town Gate

The town gate, also known as ‘Landporten’ in Danish, was erected as part of the defences that surrounded Tranquebar in the 16th century. However, the present one is reconstructed as the original was destroyed in the 17th century.

  1. Churches

There are a few historic churches, such as New Jerusalem Church and Zion Church, one of the oldest churches to visit in Tranquebar.

  1. Maritime Museum

This museum was created by the Dutch, following the 2004 tsunami. It is situated opposite the Danish Fort. You’ll see old damaged boats, fishing memorabilia, and a slideshow of the effects of the 2004 tsunami in Tranquebar. There is no entrance cost, and a guide that is more knowledgeable about the area is offered. According to books and podcasts that chronicle the history of Tranquebar, the original size of which is now claimed by the sea.

  1. Masilamani Nathar Temple

Masilamani temple is a Shiva temple and is situated 300m north of the famous Danish fort Dansborg. This temple includes three massive entry towers known as “Gopurams,” two of which are already drowned in the water. It was built in the year 1306 and dates back to the Pandyan dynasty, according to an inscription in the Dansborg museum.

  1. Old Danish Cemetery

The cemetery, which holds historic tombstones, is a stunning piece of Danish architecture, each one unique in its way, carved differently with different beautiful phrases.

If you have never visited southern India for a holiday, now is the time to pack your bags, book your transport using a cab booking app, and get going! The fine things to see and do are the historical significance and the mind-numbing beaches. Visiting such areas allows you to experience the range of customs still practised by most Indians.

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