What Are the Benefits of Registering an Ecommerce Business in a Foreign Country?


The great thing about an e-commerce business is the fact that you can attract global customers and if you are fed up living at home and would like to relocate to Southeast Asia, for example, there are benefits to be enjoyed when you register a business in a foreign country.

  • Working Visas – Of course, you will be at the helm of your new business and regardless of the country, it is illegal to work unless you have a working visa. Many western entrepreneurs are drawn to tropical locations such as Thailand and with a work permit, you do not have to worry about being prosecuted for working illegally. Search with Google for an English-speaking law firm, who can assist you in company registration and many other aspects, including the acquisition of working visas.
  • Taxation Benefits – Many countries make attractive taxation reduction offers to entice foreign investors to set up business in their country, which a local lawyer can explain. As you would expect, taxation laws are very complex and you do need a legal expert such as Acclime, who are a leading law firm that helps people set up businesses in South East Asia. It might be possible to pay zero tax, depending on the country and the type of business you plan to open.
  • Exploring Untapped Markets – You may already have captured a good share of your domestic market and are looking to move into new market places. The Southeast Asian nations enjoy thriving economies, making for a lucrative business if you capitalise on your domestic success and this expansion could lead to setting up a base in Southeast Asia, or bringing your manufacturing operation to a cheaper country. Here are a few pro tips on boosting your Google Review score, which is a great selling point.
  • Reduce your Outgoings – The cost of living in third world countries is much lower than US and Europe and if you are going to relocate to direct the business, expect a huge saving in living expenses. Leasing real estate is very cheap when compared to some developed nations, plus staff will work for much less in Thailand than they would in the UK, for example. The best starting point is to take a holiday in your chosen country, to check out whether or not you like living there and if you do, investigate the numerous business registration options. You could choose the country of your supplier, which would dramatically reduce logistics costs; talk to a leading local law firm about the numerous options for foreign business registration.
  • Eliminate Imports Altogether – If, for example, you sell clothing that is made in an Asian country, why not base the business there? This eliminates importing, which is a major cost and providing the domestic market is strong, you can have an edge on your rivals as you do not have to pay the import/export costs.

There are some very attractive concessions for foreign owned businesses in Thailand from the Board of Investment, which are worth investigation, if nothing else.

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