How to Create appealing and compliant packaging design ?


To generate intriguing packaging designs, it is essential to understand the standards of designing as well as the demand in the market. Several ways to improve the appeal of the design to elevate sales and make the product eye-catching includes:

  • Employing persuasive devices/ Understanding the demand

(To be more impactful and make the package appealing, it is important to understand and analyze the end demand (user). “The Words By designers at ZEEPACKAGING.COM”.) Visual persuasion by adding graphics, illustrations, logos is a great way to magnify the intended impact. The key is to keep the boxing engaging enough to maintain the interest of viewer.

  • Elements of design

It is of immense importance to study the main elements of design and how they impact the way we perceive the visual information fed. The main elements are:

  1. Line: lines could either be continuous, dashed, and in varying thicknesses.
  2. shape/form: curved or rectilinear forms.
  3. space, value: this refers to creating depth in design by changing dimensions.
  4. color and texture: understanding of hues and tones of particular colors and what goes with the other and what doesn’t. 

Understanding these elements is important since their usage impacts the users immensely. For instance, different colors give off different auras; similarly, various shapes also stand for different meanings.

  • Designing according to design principles

The key to creating an effective final design is important to understand the principles that can be employed to make it achievable. Credible techniques include:

  1. Emphasis: This refers to drawing attention of the viewer to a specific part of the design (a focal point). This can be done by making it distinct in contrast to other elements being used in the design.
  2. Balance and Alignment: This refers to the allotment of visual weight within the design, it can either be symmetrical or asymmetrical.
  3. Contrast: Contrast is the difference between two opposite elements which establishes a hierarchy within the design. 
  4. Repetition: repeating a particular pattern, color, shape, or texture within the design to make it cohesive contributes to a lasting impact on the viewer.
  5. Proportion: This principle entails the inculcation of relative sizes. One technique could be to use the rule of thirds or the golden proportions.
  6. Dynamism/ Movement: The placement of objects eventually contributes to guiding the eye and creating dynamism within the design.
  • Cognitive/ Gestalt psychology

Gestalt principle are held in significance as they summarize the points in which humans tend to recognize the info and when utilized improves the design to make it more appealing. Main principles are:

  1. Closure: This uses the idea of negative and positive space and the fact that perception itself fills in the missing gaps to make up an image that is not there. 
  2. Similarity: uses the fact that when objects are similar, they’re perceived as one
  3. Continuation: This is in relation to dynamism and guiding the eye (following lines and curves)
  4. Proximity: elements closer are perceived as one
  5. Figure and ground: this refers to the ability of human mind to perceive objects to switch elements in fore ground and background to access the image easily.
  • Less is more or less is a bore

It is important to put up the right amount of visual information on the package as is demanded by the product itself. Following the minimalistic approach of “less is more” is sometimes more convenient than filling the whole package and not leaving any negative spaces. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that approach will always be successful, in short, it is important to let the client decode what type of design they want (this can either be done by directly asking or following the statistics of profits gained by following either of decisions. This means that a delicate balance between positive and negative spacing is essential to make a design engaging and hence be visually attracting for the customer.

  • Easier to comprehend

This can be done by prioritizing the information that one need to display on the exterior wrapping of packaging. Boxing should be so designed as to maintain an element of surprise but tell the viewer what the package holds at the first glance.  This plays a vital role in building a brand image or ruining it entirely hence affecting the profit loss ratio adversely.

If King Custom Boxes realize the significance of the strategies mentioned above are utilized in the designing of package correctly, an appealing end result is certain. You can easily acquire the services of professional packaging experts because now they are available online for your help. Furthermore, you can check the prices and choose the most reliable and cost-effective company by talking to them on the phone. During the pandemic, they can be a good source of getting the boxes on time.

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