What drains your phone’s battery the most?


We are living in a digital world and we do everything on our smartphones. From the movies we watch on Netflix to uploading stories on Instagram, our lives are linked to the internet and smartphones. We cannot imagine waking up in the morning without having a reliable internet connection and smartphones. We use different applications for different purposes. tThe first thing we do after waking up is to check the notifications. Internet and smartphones are the future now. In the past, it was difficult for people to get an internet service that comes with amazing download and upload speeds at pocket-friendly rates but companies like TWC internet made it so easy. They offer their customers multiple plans and one can pick any plan as per their needs and budget. Smartphones companies like OPPO and Huawei are introducing new smartphones with amazing battery time at very economic prices. Everyone has smartphones and the internet these days.

Almost all of us spend most of our day using smartphones and spend maximum time on different social media applications like YouTube, Snapchat, and Facebook. We do multiple activities like Video calls, streaming, and even gaming as well. All these activities we do use internet connection, display panel and a lot more that drains your battery faster. We all want a smartphone that offers the best battery time so we could save ourselves from the hassle of charging smartphones multiple times in a day. To keep your smartphones running as much as you can, we need to figure out the reasons that lead to battery drainage. The following are some of the reasons for battery drainage:


  • Most of us use our smartphones with full brightness and by keeping our smartphone’s brightness on maximum, the battery drains faster.
  • If you have turned on the notifications of all the applications then even if you are not using a cell phone, every time you receive a notification, your battery will go down.
  • Keeping the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on all the time also ends in battery drainage.
  • Applications that run in backgrounds like Sound Cloud and Spotify even when we don’t use the cellphone.
  • Battery life is not good.

Anyone can resolve these issues and even if you are not a tech expert, by following the steps below, these issues can be resolved.


  • You can be worried that why your screen is using so much of your smartphone’s battery. There are multiple reasons. We install multiple applications on our smartphones and there are some which we don’t even use a lot. Those applications run in the background even when you are not even using your phone and that results in unnecessary drainage of your battery. Uninstall the unnecessary apps that you don’t use often.
  • Using your smartphone with the maximum brightness is also one of the major reasons for your battery drainage. If you use your smartphone with maximum brightness, it’ll eat up a lot of battery. Reduce the brightness and that’ll help you out in increasing the battery time.https://www.mindsetterz.com/
  • Don’t turn on notifications of all the applications that are installed on your smartphone. Activate notifications of only those applications that you use the most and are important. By restricting notifications of unnecessary applications, you’ll see a change.
  • Install a battery optimization application in your smartphone and use that. That will also help you out.
  • Close all the applications once you use them. Keeping them applications open will drain your battery, as the applications will be working in the background.
  • If your smartphone’s battery is worn, that can also be a cause why your battery is draining faster than usual. Change the battery, if nothing works.
  • Using mobile data drains the battery faster. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, use that instead of using your mobile data.

There are some applications that eat up your battery and even if you have the latest smartphone with an amazing battery, you will see that your battery won’t last a day. These applications run in the background and eat your battery a lot. These battery-draining applications don’t let your phone rest and that results in battery loss. The following are the applications that drain the battery a lot.


Snapchat is one of those social media applications that is used by millions of people every day and this application has does not have a kind spot when it comes to your phone’s battery. If you have turned on the notifications of Snapchat, it will keep your phone busy even when you are not using it and will suck the battery out of your cell phone. It also uses your location while you are using the application. Snapchat offers you a feature to enable or disable your location and notification. The main reason why it eats a lot of battery is that you will be using your camera to take pictures and make videos and then you download different filters.

If you are not a Snapchat freak, uninstall this application, or the least you can do to save your battery life, turn off the notifications, or at least your location.

Streaming applications

Streaming applications are the real enemy of your battery. These are the most greedy applications and eat the battery the most. There are multiple reasons why your battery drains faster when you use streaming applications. Applications like Netflix and Amazon prime send you notifications of the new shows even when you are not using them and when you use these streaming applications, these applications use speakers, display, and internet connection that results in drainage of your battery.

Netflix is used by millions of people including kids and elders every day and is one of the most draining applications. Netflix sucks the battery out of your cell phone. If you will use Netflix on the web rather than using the application, it’ll help you out. Turn off the notifications as those are not important and are just updates of new movies and TV shows.


Facebook is the most used application and it uses a handsome amount of your battery. If you don’t do streaming a lot but spend most of your time using Facebook and think that it won’t drain your battery then you are wrong. This application runs in the background even when you are sleeping. There are many background processes that are linked to Facebook. Turn off the notifications of Facebook or at least try not to spend a lot of time on Facebook. Close the app once you use it. Restrict background data and doing that will help you out.

Summing it up

We spend most of our time doing multiple activities on smartphones. We even use our phone while it’s on charging and that affects your battery health. Make sure you don’t use your cellphone while it’s on charging and take all the necessary precautions to save your phone’s battery health.

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