What is an activated charcoal bag?


As the name suggests, activated charcoal bags are bags filled with absorbent natural activated charcoal. Activated charcoal has long been used as a fuel in several Asian countries including China and Japan, and is produced by heating at a specific temperature (800 to 1200°C) for a long period of time rather than burning different materials. Due to its organic composition and plant origin, activated charcoal is considered environmentally friendly and poses no threat to the environment when used as an air purifier.  When used as an air purifier, activated charcoal is usually packaged in linen bags for easy storage and use. Activated charcoal bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so there’s no need to worry about not being able to benefit from them due to size or weight constraints. Activated charcoal bags generally have prefabricated hanging holes for easy hanging around the house. If you need a simple air purifier but are concerned about space, a small charcoal bag with hanging holes will definitely get the job done.

Activated Charcoal Bags as Dehumidifier and Deodorant

Activated charcoal air purification bags also act as effective dehumidifiers and odor absorbers. If you have musty smells, old or wet shoes, a small activated charcoal deodrizer bags are a great way to get rid of the odor. Activated charcoal bags even act as moisture absorbers, which means they’re great for hanging in places like closets that tend to get damp and smell bad. Unlike other air purifiers and charcoal on the market, activated charcoal absorbs approximately 10 times more water than other more common types of charcoal – making it an ideal air purifier, dehumidifier and deodorizer for your home.

Safe and Organic

Activated activated charcoal absorbs any moisture that passes through it, including moisture from smoke and gases. Since activated charcoal is organic, the absorption process is natural, and no harmful chemical additives are used to mask odors – making it a safe and eco-friendly alternative to traditional chemical deodorants.

An effective natural fertilizer

Once the activated charcoal bag runs out and is no longer effective, it can be used as a natural fertilizer for your garden. Just cut open the charcoal bag and spread its contents over the soil. Activated charcoal helps plants absorb and nutrient from the soil more efficiently.

What is activated charcoal?

Contrary to popular belief, activated charcoal doesn’t come from the dangerous, chemical-laden briquettes commonly used on barbecue grills. In fact, activated charcoal comes from charcoal-rich organic sources such as peat, sawdust, coconut shells, and activated. For this article, we will focus on the latter as the primary source of activated charcoal. To produce activated charcoal, activated that is at least five years old is harvested and heated in an oven for extended periods of time to produce large pieces of charcoal. When making activated charcoal, the charcoal is ground into a fine powder, increasing its surface area to over 600 square meters per gram. Additionally, the volume of charcoal produced by activated allows for better absorption compared to other types of activated charcoal, and these two factors combine to make activated activated charcoal a more effective and efficient absorber of moisture and odors. Because of this, activated charcoal is the ideal type of charcoal to use in charcoal bags. The reason activated charcoal is so effective at absorbing moisture and odors is that it undergoes a complex and rigorous pyrolysis process.

Why do we use activated charcoal purification bags?

We use activated charcoal purification and deodorant bags for many reasons. First, as we mentioned before, activated charcoal bags are great for absorbing moisture and odors from the air. In addition, activated charcoal bags are effective air fresheners, especially helping to eliminate mold spores in the air and eliminate the smell of cigarette smoke.

Use activated charcoal bags to make molds

Mold is a troublesome and dangerous problem that destroys property and can lead to various health problems if left untreated. It also fills the air with foul odors that linger for weeks after the harmful fungi and bacteria are removed. Mold is a problem faced by many homeowners, especially in damp areas. Luckily, you can overcome this problem in no time with just a few activated charcoal bags around the house and following the steps below.

Use Activated Charcoal Bags as Deodorant

Inside the shoe

Shoes, especially those that have been used for a long time, tend to emit unpleasant odors into the surrounding area, and a activated charcoal bag is a great way to combat unpleasant odors. Deodorizing shoes is as simple as placing a activated charcoal bag in each shoe and letting it sit for 24 hours. Similar to baking soda, charcoal absorbs unwanted odors without any potentially harmful chemicals. Just make sure to properly clean your shoes after deodorizing to prevent the unpleasant odor from coming back.

In the room

Just like you would bag your shoes with a activated charcoal bag, all you have to do is keep a activated charcoal purifier bag in your room until it absorbs any foul odors. If you’re renovating an older home, there may be some unpleasant odors from construction chemicals and materials left after the renovation. Activated charcoal bags can also remove particles from harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which can effectively reduce air pollution and further eliminate any possible causes of health problems.

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