What is Crypto.com?


The first Cryptocurrency invent by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It is the wide currency on the digital market to sell and buy products virtually. Users can store their Cryptocurrency on digital wallets that are a secure platform. Many traders invest in this digital asset to earn profits in the short term.

Cryptocurrency mining is the process that; is used to verify transactions. If users successfully solve problems, they can earn rewards (Bitcoins, tokens, or transaction fees) through mining.

What is Crypto.com?

Crypto.com is a digital Cryptocurrency and secure payment platform. It can promote more trends of cryptocurrencies on the digital market. Invented in 2016; nowadays, its users are above 3 million. The main headquarter of its company is in Hong Kong.

Crypto.com provides a facility to Brokers; they can loans or credit from deposit various tokens. The markable service is that they allow you a 50% loan. When a person deposits $2,000 worth of Bitcoin, he can receive a $1000 line of credit.

Crypto.com provides various offers of financial services like:

  • If you want to convert your crypto; and spend it in exchange for local currency, you can use MCO Visa Card.
  • You can buy, exchange coins, send, and track your Cryptocurrency through Crypto.com Application.
  • Crypto Credit is an instant loan product that enables you to get some loan to spend on your MCO visa card.
  • Crypto Earn allows its users to earn up to 18% profit on cryptocurrency deposits.
  • It offers an Exchange with deep liquidity on low fees. Here, users can trade major Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

How does it work?

Crypto.com uses a dual-token system that is MCO and CRO.

MCO Token

MCO allows its users to order metal visa cards through the MCO tokens. You can receive up to 5% back on all spending (in MCO) on every transaction. 

CRO Token

CRO token allows its users to cross-currency settlement for the native Crypto.com Chain. It is the second token on the Crypto ecosystem and is currently available; in more than 20 exchanges worldwide. 

Its utility is as follows:

  • Cross currency settlement and set fees on block transactions.
  • Miners are rewarded with CRO tokens to process and verify transactions.
  • Users need to pay small transaction fees to trade directly with CRO.
  • If you buy Cryptocurrencies with CRO, you can access a 50% discount.

Crypto.com Exchange

Crypto.com Exchange launched in 2019. Its main feature is that it offers a system to competitive rates and access to a global platform.

If you trade for 30 days, you can receive a 100% trading fee discount. It provides a high leverage margin on every trade.

The Crypto.com Exchange offers up to 44 markets with major Cryptocurrencies.

There are two levels of Basic and Advanced verification on their exchange.

Basic: In this verification level, users need to add data such as name, email, and phone number. It enables users to move around freely and access services.

Advanced: Users need to submit identity documents that give unlimited deposits.

What is the safety of Crypto.com?

Crypto.com uses high standards of security philosophy. You can store 100% of the funds in cold storage. If you have a loss on funds, the exchange provides an insurance fund for a cold wallet.

When your coins store in hot wallets, your transactions occur smoothly on their network of services.

The Crypto.com Exchange uses a 2F Authentication for its mobile app. Every address transfers your funds add by you from Crypto exchange. You have to monitor every single transaction carefully by Crypto.com to prevent fraud.

Crypto.com Feest provides you with reasonable fees. You can get discounts on fees by staking CRO tokens. 

Crypto Credit Services

It is another product that allows users to borrow money from the company and pay it back later. There is no fixed time to return your loan payment. Users do not need to verify their credit checks. You can get many discounts by using MCO tokens.

What are the Features of Crypto.com?

It provides a wide variety of crypto trading, including margin trading and decentralized token. You can add more websites and more features to its card.

They run different campaigns like trading contests, quizzes, and other promotions to distribute free crypto to participants. Crypto.com has its own Blockchain Technology to increase the speed and privacy of the network.


There is a variety of offerings available on Crypto.com. It is one of the most demanding organizations in the blockchain space. Their exchange and visa cards offer many facilities to their users. Cryptocurrency is an open-source anyone can participate so, the number of users increases on the computer networks. The high demands of this digital asset make it a great investment asset in a short-term profit. Due to their high market demand, Cryptocurrency may also be a long-term investment on lower risk.

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