What is Homework Spelled Backwards? The Right Explanation


What is Homework Spelled Backwards?

Homework spelled backwards meaning is a very rare thing to understand. Its social media rumors claim that the keyword “krowemoh” has a special meaning in Latin. There are so many rumors about it, but nobody knows its truth.

Many of us easily believe every other post on social media. It is a problematic fact that easy and quick access to information has resulted in

  1. Lack of critical thinking
  2. Laziness in people
  3. Rumors to be believed truth

Should we believe it or not?

As in this e-commerce era, everything is easy to believe, so one should read online about the facts of rumors and then check the realities from different sources. Homework spelled backwards is not as exciting as sharing exciting information. 

It all started in 2013 when someone posted a random tweet claiming the word “homework” spelled backwards in Latin means child abuse. On the same stance, In January 2021, a Reddit anchor brought the assertion renewed interest.

Claim on homework spelled backwards, meaning:

The phrase “krowemoh” even does not exist in the Latin language. Not the word, even the character “W” does not exist in Latin. In the Latin language, there are only 23 characters in the alphabet. So the claim regarding homework spelled backwards meaning is false.

Latin language

It is the language of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church, which died out by the 6th century AD. These characters were initially being replaced by regional dialects that would ultimately become the Romance languages of Europe.

The Latin alphabet W was used for the first time around the 7th century AD. Before it, this language did not have any character to represent the sound /w/ spoken in Germanic and Old English languages.

Solution of W in “krowemoh”

As per the FAQs, the word “krowemoh” represents homework spelled backwards. After the 7th century, writers started using “uu” or “vv” as u and v referred to the same character in the classical Latin alphabet to represent the sound W. 

So, concluding all discussion, we can indeed say that “krowemoh” is not a word, and it certainly does not mean “child abuse” in Latin or any other language we are aware of.

Detailed meaning

The word homework spelled backwards is spelled the same way as it is forwards. This phrase appears to be the case with the secret meaning of “krowemoh.” As per social media, this Latin phrase means “child abuse.”

But, as per the Urban dictionary and various definition sites on Google, its meaning and origin deny this meaning. It is because the phrase “child abuse” in Latin is “puer abusus.” So, the claim by the Urban dictionary and myth-debunking sites come true.

Homework spelled backwards doesn’t mean child abuse in Latin:

As per the people who have some understanding of its meanings, it is proven that online claims of its definitions are not correct. An idea that was initially debunked by the fact-checking website Snopes has negated that 

  • ‘Homework’ backward (‘krowemoh’) is not the Latin word for ‘child abuse.’
  • There is no “krowemoh” keyword in Latin related to it

Snopes also claim that this word can never exist in Latin as the character ‘W’ does not exist in Latin. Total alphabets contained are 23 characters, while including W totals 24 characters.

Today which character we all know as W was introduced in the 1500s when Latin-speaking humans created new words in that language. Even Latin speakers were unaware of any such word ‘krowemoh,’ which probably refers to homework spelled backwards. 

Urban dictionary

As there are many definitions of “krowemoh,” one of the best-detailed descriptions of this word was written on January 6, 1770, by Mr. Sherli Damelio, who later posted it on several documents. From this source of information, one can easily conclude its meanings.

For people unfamiliar with an urban dictionary, it is a rebellious younger sibling to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. This dictionary is fully crowdsourced as the website is also primarily famous for defining slang words and phrases.

Google phrase

When someone searched this homework spelled backwards keyword on Google, he brought up several articles debunking this claim, including a fact-check from Snopes. According to Snopes, since the letter, W does not even exist in Latin, “krowemoh” is not a Latin word.

When someone explores some other online Latin dictionary or uses the Google translate tool, he comes to know that there are no results for “krowemoh.” The Latin phrase for child abuse is completely different as per its claims. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Homework Spelled Backwards:

Q: Is Krowemoh a word in English?

No, it is neither an English word nor a Latin language phrase. It simply refers to that homework spelled backwards meaning is giving loads of homework to young children is also a form of child abuse.

Q: When did ‘Krowemoh’ start trending?

It started gradually moving towards other social media platforms. A Reddit anchor posted his first time Google result’s screenshot showing homework, when spelled backward, means child abuse in Latin.

Q: How did the trend “Homework Spelled Backwards” start?

When a Reddit person posted it first time on his timeline on social websites, people started following his trend. The first screenshot was published on the date March 17, 2013.

Q: Was there any inaccuracy in the trend?

When the claim of Reddit was not honored by social media platforms and websites, the trend itself showed inaccuracy which consequently debunked the claims.

Q: When was the Chinese whisper bowed on this trend?

 All this trend started due to the triangulation that happened on the internet. So, when people on social media got involved in this matter, Chinese whispers got prone to occur.

Q: Is there any word even ‘Krowemoh’?

As per social media claims, there is no word called ‘Krowemoh,’ Similarly, it is nothing but Homework spelled backwards without any meaning.

Q: Why is Homework Spelled Backwards trending on social media?

The Reddit thread brought this matter to the table in January 2021, which gave the idea of krowemoh meaning. This trend gradually increased when users posted a screenshot of the result when they googled “what is homework backward.”

Q: Was its meaning ever debunked?

Yes, as the people can see its related results from March 2013 onwards, it means and concepts get debunked, and people started to hate its search.


The whole mess all around the famous phrase homework spelled backwards started. This claim was due to recent triangulation over the internet on different social media platforms. Through this, all social media gets involved in these stuff things.

So, we conclude all the article as there is no keyword in the Latin language or no such word “Krowemoh,” which can be considered for the meaning of child abuse. These are all

  • Fake rumors
  • Claims
  • Myths etc.

There is no symmetry with word homework assigned to someone to work from home.

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