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What is the Best Waterproof Backpack? Comparison 2021


Have you decided to go on an adventure but don’t know how to protect your belongings from the elements? The waterproof backpack will be the answer to all your concerns. Practical, durable and versatile, this type of waterproof backpack is a great travel companion . Among other things, it allows you to easily transport all your equipment, but above all, effectively protects its contents against the sometimes hostile outdoor environment.

But how do you choose the right waterproof backpack? Through my years of outdoor sports, I have experimented with several types of travel backpacks. I can tell you that the waterproof backpack is a real lifeline for keeping your belongings intact despite difficult conditions.

In this guide, I develop the best models on the market as well as the selection criteria to be favored before a purchase. You will be able to find the waterproof backpack that will perfectly meet your needs.  


First, let’s review the models that stand out in the market when it comes to value for money: 

Waterproof backpack 35 L / 55 L

The Needtounplug waterproof backpack is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. It provides 100% waterproof protection to keep your belongings free from moisture or dust during your activities.

You can take it worry-free for canoeing, traveling or camping. Its design guarantees total impermeability and it is easily folded for transport.

This model offers you additional storage through the various pockets inside and outside the bag. On the outside you have a splash-proof zipper and on the inside a pocket with integrated closure. A location for your keys and a mesh compartment are also available in the bag.

The D-rings on the straps as well as a MOLLE system buckle ensure your anchoring in a boat or on a bicycle.

This waterproof backpack also enhances your comfort with its design: you stay comfortable thanks to the ergonomic padded back panel. The reinforced shoulder straps and the chest belt have been designed to lighten your back. A lap belt also helps with weight distribution to relieve pressure despite a heavy load. 

The Needtounplug offers this backpack with complete waterproof protection, perfect for cycling. 

This model has a new storage pocket in which various compartments are arranged as well as a zippered pocket. It is also a reflective model for optimal visibility.

TheNeedtounplug backpack is also equipped with a new shoulder strap with reinforced seam. This quality model is made from 100% waterproof tar canvas with solid heat-sealed seams. Robust and resistant, this bag can accompany you everywhere during your adventures and your travels.

For better load support, it has adjustable front straps as well as a chest and hip strap. You can have your light on the bag thanks to a light loop on the front. 

The carrying handle on the top makes it easy to use. To close the bag, just roll the top of the bag 3 or 4 times and then tie the side buckles.

Waterproof travel bag 

The Ultra Dry Adventurer waterproof backpack will keep your essentials while you enjoy kayaking, boating, rafting, fishing or camping. In other words, this bag keeps your things dry during your nautical activities. In addition to the bag, you have a case for your smartphone. 

This quality waterproof backpack is not afraid of tears, abrasions or other punctures. Designed from a high quality material, namely 500D waterproof polymer, it is both flexible and resistant. 

It doesn’t matter whether your desire for adventure leads you to extreme cold or heat, your Ultra Dry Adventurer bag will effectively protect your belongings. 

The hermetic seams ensure the strength of the bag. The stress points are also reinforced for even more robustness.

For the best seal, be sure to roll the top of the bag at least 3 times before connecting the buckle. Also be sure to check the clip and the opening of the case when using it

Waterproof backpack with closure

The OverBoard Premium waterproof backpack effectively protects your belongings against water, dust and sand.

This backpack has a specific design allowing it to float if it ever falls into the water. Made from quality materials (rigid PVC tarpaulin and PVC braided nylon), you can count on its efficiency for long-lasting use. 

Its high-frequency welded seams give it great strength to face wind and tide. You close it easily thanks to the 2-way closure system (compression on the side or above).

It is equipped with an internal zippered pocket for storage. A large elastic side pocket can also hold your large water bottles.

Your comfort is ensured by the padded shoulder straps and the foam back panel with lumbar support. Always with a view to comfort, this waterproof backpack is equipped with an adjustable belt as well as chest straps. 

It also has elastic front straps and a reflective front patch. The elastic tensioner system makes it easy to get hold of the items you want to keep accessible. 

Waterproof bag for water sports

The Gonex waterproof backpack is the ideal companion for water sports (canoeing, swimming, camping, boating). This clean-styled bag keeps your belongings away from moisture, dust, sand and dirt (IPX5). 

Intended for athletes and backpackers, it is specially designed to ensure the protection of personal belongings and precious objects. 

This waterproof backpack is made from waterproof, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion and very sturdy EVA. The zippers are also waterproof. Its capacity is 35 L and it weighs 1.4 kg.

You have no fear of water infiltration thanks to the thermos welded seams. To close it, be sure to fold the zipper in 3 or 4 turns before closing the clips and tightening the straps. 

The Gonex waterproof backpack comes with an additional cover to store your computer. It is also equipped with several waterproof pockets outside the main compartment: a zipped front pocket and a zipped side pocket. To protect your belongings, Waterproof Duffle Bag from needtounplug is the best choice.

30 L waterproof backpack

The FE Active waterproof backpack is ideal for water activities such as fishing, swimming or going to the beach. Its all-purpose design is suitable for women as well as men.

Its maximum capacity is around 30 L. You have enough space to bring all the equipment you need to have a good time in nature. This model promotes comfort with improved back support. The padded shoulder straps have a ventilated mesh lining for better ventilation. 

The design of this backpack takes the pressure off your back in different places where the weight is felt the most. A ventilated mesh lining performs this function on these different areas.

Additional chest straps improve weight distribution and enhance bag stability. Side nets double as pockets for water bottles or frequently used items. These items are secured by an integrated cord closure.

You have an interior zippered pocket to store items while keeping them easy to access. The external laces are used to transport the material which could be more or less bulky, such as the yoga mat or the towel. 


There is no point in rushing when purchasing your waterproof backpack. To optimize its use in the long term, I give you some criteria to sift through to find the rare pearl. 


You will find countless models of waterproof backpacks on the market. However, consider taking a close look at the quality of the canvas which ensures the waterproof character, but also the durability of the bag.

Choose thick PVC canvases, especially for lovers of the extreme. On the other hand, nylon or coated polyester bags have the advantage of being lightweight for those considering outdoor sports. 

The sealing of the bag

It seems obvious, but it should be stressed all the same. A waterproof backpack is supposed to protect your belongings from water, but also from any other foreign object (sand, dust, dirt). The canvas influences this criterion, but other elements are also to be considered, namely the openings of the bag and its assembly in general.

The seamless models (thermos welded) are the most waterproof. With regard to zippers, the flap-waterproof system remains the best means of protection against humidity. 

Be aware that there are standards that define the tightness of a product. So you can quickly assess whether your backpack will meet your needs. 

The IP53 standard, relating to rain

The IP64 standard, relating to vertical spraying,

The IP65 standard, relating to multidirectional spraying,

The IPX7 standard, relating to temporary immersion,

The IPX8 standard, relating to prolonged immersion.

The label of the bag must include the information concerning its resistance to dust and its resistance to water. These two parameters are respectively represented by a number ranging from 0 to 6 and a number ranging from 0 to 9. A bag with level 9 waterproofing can thus be submerged to a depth of 1 m for half an hour without letting the water pass. .


If you are looking for a waterproof backpack, chances are you have a taste for adventure like me. Outdoor experiences tend to strain the body, which is why it is necessary to prioritize comfort during these activities.

So I advise you to bet on the models that have padded shoulder straps and back panel and weight distribution system using removable straps. Your back will thank you.  

The capacity

The volumes of waterproof backpacks on the market range from 10 to 130 L. To choose the right capacity, clearly define your needs. What stuff do you plan to take? The ideal capacity will depend on the answer to this question.

Be careful not to choose a model that is too large on the pretext that it can swallow up more business, unless you really need to. Do not choose it too small to avoid inevitably limiting the effects on the go.  

Storage compartments

Pay particular attention to this criterion if you need to bring specific items that need to be tidy. This is the case, for example, with a computer or a camera. Choose models with adequate storage compartments for your valuables. 

How to maintain your waterproof backpack?

It is important to maintain your bag to ensure a long life by your side during your outdoor activities. 

After each use, open all the zips and shake your bag, preferably inside out. This will remove the dust residue. Then rinse it off with water. If your bag is nylon, you can machine wash it without any problem. However, avoid the use of abrasive cleaning products. Instead, favor the delicate cycle so as not to alter the bag. 

Also, air dry the bag to prevent mold. Drying should be done for at least 4 hours. For storage, choose a dry place and hang it or lay it flat. I recommend a closet for the storage of the bag. Avoid leaving it in a cellar.

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