What Is The Value Of PAS9980?


The paper is very long, but the essential nature of its subject matter makes it worthwhile. It provides case studies for fire events and history and an overview of fire safety regulations. The glossary provides definitions that will be of great use to anyone involved in the industry.

Many people, particularly multi-occupancy residence building owners, are waiting for PAS-99880. This will allow them to check if their external walls pose a low-tolerable risk or if repairs are necessary.

The standard is not intended to substitute for Building Regulations, other regulations, and standards for external wall construction. EWS1 form forms are not affected by the standard. This is contrary to popular belief. EWS1 forms cannot be used by mortgage lenders to build external walls that have been assessed as safe or low risk by the PAS9980 Fire Risk Assessment.

What Are The Goals Of PAS9980?

All external wall evaluations should be conducted using the same method to assess the risk of fire spread.

To assist people receiving evaluations to understand their results and possible dangers.

This standard includes a Fire Risk Assessment and External Wall Assessment (FRAEW) that feed into both Fire Safety Orders and the final safety case for high-rise structures. It is vital to note that the requirement can be applied to any residential structure of multi-occupancy, not just those with 18m or more. It can be used to create student housing or specialised housing. FR Consulting can help you.

What Is The Risk Definition For PAS9980?

PAS9980 defines the risk as the combination of external fire spread, secondary burns, tenable escape opportunities, and effective fire department intervention. The danger levels can be classified as high, low, or medium. Even if an acceptable level of risk has been determined, it may still require additional remediation or steps. High-risk structures need more investigation. This will likely involve a fire engineering evaluation. It may also require external wall remediation.

What Buildings Are Affected By PAS9980?

To answer the question “What exactly is a PAS 9980 Integrated Fire Risk Assessment?” To understand the different types of buildings covered by PAS9980, it is necessary first to analyse them. PAS 9980 covers multi-story buildings and a range of other building types. This is subject to buildings comparable to purpose-built blocks of flats in terms of overall fire strategy or escape plan design. PAS also includes student housing and sheltered or specialised housing.

PAS9980 Wall Building

PAS 9980 covers the danger of a fire spreading beyond the walls of multi-story buildings. PAS can also be used for wall types that are not listed above. PAS also applies when structures are covered entirely or in part with flammable material.

External walls made of rain-screen cladding are possibly built inside PAS walls. Also included are ETICS external thermal insulation composite systems, particularly ones with rendered insulation. PAS walls can be made of insulated panels or glass facades, with infill/spread and curtain walling.

What Is PAS9980 Meant For?

The PAS9980 assessment of fire risk is for firefighters and other building professionals who have to assess the fire risk posed by exterior wall structures on existing flat blocks.

However, FRAEWs may also be helpful for other professionals, like appraisers or people who make decisions based on the results. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Building Inspectors
  • Architecture
  • Facade Consultants
  • Cladding Contractors
  • Project Supervisors
  • Building Landlords/Owners
  • Municipal Housing Authorities
  • Agents or Facility Managers
  • Fire and Rescue Services

Although the paper may be long, it is vital due to the serious nature and importance of the subject. It provides case studies for fire events and history and an overview of fire safety regulations. The glossary provides definitions that will be of great use to anyone involved in the industry.

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