What is the Visitor Management System & How Does it Works?


The Visitor Management System is the process of analyzing and monitoring the people who enter office spaces or buildings. These visitors might be customers, job applicants, delivery boys, consultants, and so on.

In a simple context, every person that enters the building and is not a regular full-time employee is considered a visitor. An effective visitor management system is one of the must-have elements for companies that receive visitors at regular intervals.

It has become an essential element for companies to have an enterprise visitor management system to maintain the privacy and safety of both data and employees. It’s time to keep pen and paper aside and adopt advanced technology to formally track the visitors and their activities.

Traditional office spaces are revolving into managed office spaces, where concepts like touchless solutions, online desk booking systems, and access and visitor management system are implemented for employee safety and convenience.

Before diving deep into the visitor management system mechanism, let’s understand the benefits of having an enterprise visitor management system.

6 Major Advantages of Installing A VMS At the Entrance of Your Managed Office Spaces:

  1. Get Rid of Traditional Logbook Systems
  2. Eliminate the Risk of Data Threat
  3. Streamline The Access Process
  4. Improves The Brand Positioning in The Mind of The Visitors
  5. Real-time Tracking and Monitoring
  6. Facilitates Emergency Exits

Get rid of traditional logbook systems:

Gone are those days when the visitors’ access used to depend on the logbook entry systems. With the use of modern technology, visitors can now get easy access to the building.

Eliminate the risk of data threat:

A visitor management system allows the companies to minimize and ultimately eliminate the risk of any chances of uncertainties inside the building by restricting any unauthorized access.

Streamline the access process:

Every company aims to streamline the process of visitor access by minimizing the waiting time at the door. This creates a positive impact on the visitors in regard to the organization.

Improves the brand positioning in the mind of the visitors:

Chances of improved brand positioning and goodwill highly depend on the facilities offered to the visitors as well as employees.

Real-time tracking and monitoring:

Real-time tracking and monitoring are very crucial for any business organization to prevent any uncertainty in the workplace. With the help of VMS, security officials can monitor the activities of the visitors in real-time.

Facilitates Emergency Exits:

If there’s ever a situation of emergency, the visitor management system notifies the authorities and this may help in the fast evaluation of the building.
These are some of the major benefits which seek the attention of entrepreneurs to have their own visitor management system for the company as well as employee welfare. Now, let’s get into it and understand how an enterprise visitor management system actually works.

How Does Visitor Management System Works?

Whether it’s a large enterprise or SME, they all need visitor management to systematically approve the entry and exits of the visitors and store their data in their system. There’s a pre-defined procedure to grant access to the visitors and knowing this will help you understand the mechanism of the visitor management system in a managed office space.

  1. Visitors Arrival
  2. The Host is Notified
  3. Visitors Check-In
  4. Visitors Check-Out
  5. Data Storage

Visitors’ Arrival:

Visitors’ arrival is the initial process that helps companies to make use of and implement VMS in the managed office spaces. The VMS software helps to identify the visitors and helps the guards or executives to attend to them as soon as possible so that they can easily enter the premises. If there’s any delay in the access process, make sure that the visitors are treated well by keeping their comfort and time in mind.

The Host is Notified:

Notifying the host to whom the visitors have to meet in the next step. The enterprise visitor management system is all about preventing any unauthorized access to the people that may cause any harm to the resources and assets in the building. Once the visitor has knocked on the door, it is important to confirm with the host regarding further access to them. Once the approval has come from the hosts’ end, the visitor is allowed to enter the building to fulfill their purposes.

Visitors Check-In:

Here comes the important part. Once the host has approved the entry of the visitors, they may check in via security panels. Different types of visitors enter your office premises on a daily basis and it is important to determine the purpose of these visitors. A self-service kiosk is one of the ideal ways to sort the different kinds of visitors that enter your organization. Visitors’ check-in via kiosks or other digital devices helps the organizations to take additional security measures by following certain steps like:

  • Keeping their Photographs
  • Scanning their Official IDs
  • E-Signatures
  • Visitors Badges

Visitors Check-Out:

Once the purpose of the visitors is accomplished, they leave the building. The check-out process is as vital as the check-in. From the time of entering the building till the time of leaving it, VMS helps in monitoring the activities of all the visitors. This may include the time they spent in the building, the locations they visited, the amenities they used, and so on. Collaborating with technology, security officials can easily monitor the actions of the visitors and prevent any mishappening in time.

Data Storage:

Storing the data and other essential information of the visitor is also one of the major aspects of the visitor management system. Here, the security officials ensure the internal analysis and tracing if any resources or assets are gone missing. The best enterprise visitor management system also allows businesses to run internal audit reports on time.

Considering the need for it, almost every company is adopting a touchless visitor management system to ensure the safety and welfare of employees as well as the office premises. Post-Covid 19, an adequate Visitor management system is a must for companies to ensure the safety and welfare of the property and the wellbeing of the staff.

Apart from corporatemanaged office spaces, there are many other sectors as well that are using a VMS including Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, and Banks. With the help of technological advancement, companies are also incorporating a few more changes in their work culture including online desk booking systems, meeting room booking, contactless interventions, and of course visitor and access management systems.

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