What Is Unagi?


Unagi, the Japanese word for freshwater fish, is a prolonged greasy fish, rich and strong in flavor. Not quite the same as anago, its saltwater cousin, unagi is generally utilized in Asian food and ought to never be eaten crudely, as the eel’s blood contains poisons that can kill all creatures. . It is flavorful when smoked, however, can be seared, sautéed, or added to soups.

While eating unagi, you are drinking a youthful eel that lives in freshwater, yet will ultimately have developed and changed to enter the sea to raise just a single time in the course of its life. This fish needs scales and is elusive to contact. Due to its prolonged shape, you might find the fish butterfly molded and cut into square or rectangular filets. As a result of its likely poisonousness, it is fundamental to cook it accurately.

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Step By Step Instructions To Cook Unagi

Unagi is normally barbecued over charcoal, yet at home, you can utilize either a level barbecue top or a nonstick container with oil. Heated Ungi is likewise a tasty and simple to-make dish. Essentially season the fish, skin-side down, with purpose and salt, heat it for eight minutes, and coat it with a sweet sauce produced using soy, mirin, sugar, and purpose. For pan-fried eel, plunge the filets completely in flour and sear for eight to 10 minutes. The fixings in the sweet-tasting sauce used to improve the kind of the eel are pivotal to the last kind of the unagi, and different cafés keep up with their own mysterious recipes. Set up a thick sweet and flavorful sauce, and you will not be disheartened.

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What Does Unagi Pose A Flavor Like?

Unagi has a gentle and sweet flavor that is overwhelming and not excessively tasty. The meat is delicate and chewy, with a permeable surface that makes it ideal for sassy arrangements, as the meat retains every one of the juices, and the dish is dependably sodden and tasty. Unagi doesn’t taste really off-putting like saltwater fish, yet its last flavor additionally relies upon the sauce used to cook it or other more powerful fixings in the recipe.

Unagi Versus Anago

Basically, the unagi is the eel whose youth are brought into the world in the ocean and move to freshwater to live, just to return quite a while later to mate, and the anago is the eel whose whole life cycle is in salt water. Occurs in Unagi is more extravagant, more grounded, and full; Anago is more puffed in surface and less delightful. Odds are good that in the event that you’re eating eel over rice, it’s unagi, and in the event that you’re eating it as sushi, it’s unagi.


The Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica) is the main legitimate ungulate, yet there are different kinds of eel appropriate for human utilization, for example, the longfin eel, European eel, and American eel. In the event that you are searching for ungulates, check with your angler prior to buying, as eels can emerge out of different species and are probably cultivated and not wild-gotten.

Unagi Recipe

Good to-go unagi tastes rich, a piece pate-like, with an exquisite surface – fresh outwardly however delicious and delicate inside. Filet and deboned, unagi is generally coated and barbecued, a dish known as unagi no kabayaki. Kabayaki is a cycle wherein the fish is cleaned, tapped, buttered, and cut into squares. The eel is cut and barbecued with sweet sauce and is generally served over steamed white rice. Unagi can likewise be utilized as a fixing in other Japanese dishes, for example, unagi wear, in which the eel is cut up and served on a bed of rice. Sushi (unakayu) produced using unagi is additionally very normal.


Where To Purchase

Vacuum-fixed unagi no kabayaki is frequently accessible at Asian supermarkets, yet you can likewise purchase the fish on the web, either vacuum fixed or frozen. Accessibility relies upon the season and the number of eels you that need to purchase. Numerous Asian business sectors will sell pre-prepared and sauteed eel with various flavors, from bar-b-que to smoked. A few business sectors will have new eels, however, it’s in every case best to call ahead and ask what sort of eel they have and on the off chance that they can ensure it’s worth the effort.


Store Unagi in a similar climate in which you got it, undoubtedly in your cooler. On the off chance that you’ve set it up ahead of time, consume the extras in the span of a little while for the best flavor, yet don’t repackage a piece of fish that is now defrosted and cooked. On the off chance that you have a new eel, eliminate the skin right away, and wrap it firmly in saran wrap to one or the other cook or freeze it.

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