Tue. Oct 26th, 2021
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    Today, let’s take a look at the precautions for buying and selling second-hand cars.

    Many drivers now buy second-hand cars for convenience. Firstly, they are cheap, and secondly, they don’t feel bad about driving. But there are also friends who are annoyed by buying second-hand cars. But checking a car like for buying proton wira Insurance does not settle claims and other issues.

    Q 1)What are the precautions when buying and selling used cars?

    1. When buying a car, pay attention to the following conditions of the car

    1. Before buying a car, you must carefully verify whether the vehicle documents are complete, including driving permits and vehicle registration certificates, and verify that the document information is consistent with the vehicle entity information;

    2. Go to the traffic police department to check the status of the vehicle to see if there is any abnormal status such as illegal unhandled, seized, mortgaged, locked, etc.;

    3. Both the buyer and the seller drive to the 4S shop to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle, and use a computer decoder to verify whether the internal information of the vehicle is consistent with the physical information of the vehicle.

    2. During the transaction, pay attention to the location and payment options

    Always remember that there will be no pie in the sky. Don’t be greedy for small bargains, which are significantly lower than the market price. You must be vigorous and keep your eyes open. Of course, you must go for regular second-hand cars when buying and selling second-hand cars. market place.

    Sign the sale and purchase contract, do not pay in full at one time, and settle the balance after completing the transfer procedures. Check car as reference for buying a second-hand car like vw polo sedan

    Q 2 What are the common traps when buying a used car?

    1. Commercial vehicles sold as non-commercial vehicles

    Regardless of whether it is an “operating” car or a “operating to non-operating” vehicle, the price of a car is half lower than that of a non-operating vehicle. Many scalpers will “sell at a low price” for commercial vehicles to obtain the intermediate price difference. When buying a second-hand car, the owner must ask to check the usage attributes of the car.

    2. “Black car” impersonating a car with complete procedures

    The most important thing to identify a black car is to look at the vehicle procedures. Check whether the engine, VIN code and the attached procedures are consistent, and the authenticity of the procedures must be checked carefully.

    3. Selling vehicles online at ultra-low prices

    The second-hand cars sold at ultra-low prices on the Internet are often either stolen vehicles or bait to swindle the car’s purchase deposit. There is no pie in the sky, and there are no models sold at low prices for no reason.

    4. A major accident car should be a good car to sell

    5. The meter car is sold as a car with less mileage

    The odometer is not the only criterion for judging the quality of the car. The car is mainly evaluated based on factors such as the appearance, age, usage, and wear level of the car, so as to avoid buying a metered car at a high price.

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    Regarding insurance, I would like to remind everyone at the end that “traffic compulsory insurance does not accompany the vehicle, and commercial insurance does not accompany the vehicle.” Therefore, after the transfer of the vehicle, the commercial insurance must be “transferred” in time. The accurate statement of insurance transfer should be called the transfer of insurance subject matter, and the insured or transferee shall go to the insurance company to go through the formalities for modification and correction.

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