What Surface Can Be Power Washed Safely


Keeping your home clean will not only help prevent pest infestation or enhance the growth of germs and other disease-causing pathogens. It will also help increase the lifespan of your home decors and accessories. 

Pete’s Pressure Cleaning Sydney is one of the most common methods of home cleaning embraced by a lot of homeowners. This is simply because when you power wash your home, you can see the impact instantly. This is a useful reference to the significance of power washing.

In a typical home, there are many surfaces you can power wash, like walkways, decks, and windows, as power washing would transform the look of these surfaces. However, not all surfaces in the home can be power washed safely. If you power wash the wrong surfaces, you will end up ruining these surfaces. If you don’t know the right places to power wash, below is a list of surfaces in the home you can power wash safely. 

Decks And Patios 

Contaminates like mold, mildew, and algae will build up over time on your patio and deck if they are not properly cleaned regularly. Also, they are more prone to have these contaminants build up if they are located in shady areas without sufficient sunlight. Power washing your decks and patio will help you remove stains and other contaminants easily. You could also use a patio cleaner during your power washing for better and long-lasting results.


If your entryway is not well maintained, there will be a buildup of chalky white substances or black drip marks on the concrete over time. The white substances you notice are lime breaking out of the concrete and should be attended to, or it will damage the entryway. The black drip marks, on the other hand, are the product of limestone and mold spores. To adequately cater to your entryway, ensure you power wash it regularly.

Walls And Siding

The walls and sidings of your building are constantly exposed to weather elements; therefore, they will show signs of damage over time. Also, contaminants can build up in these areas and become toxic to you and your family. If they are not taken care of as soon as possible, their presence can cause respiratory problems for home members.

Spider webs, mold formation, mildew growth, and chalkiness are some of the common problems you will have with your walls and siding materials. To prevent or control this, you need to clean the walls and sidings of the home regularly. Power washing will help remove these contaminants and keep them looking new. The wall and siding surfaces safe to power wash are vinyl siding, wood clapboard, and fiber cement.

Driveways And Walkways

Your driveways and walkways will always have dirt on them. This is because when you walk or drive through these parts of the home, the dirt underneath your shoes or car tires will be left behind. You may even have the engine oil and other greasy stains on the driveway. If these stains are not removed on time, they can damage the area’s aesthetic appeal and ruin its beauty.

Also, a dirty driveway or walkway gives off a terrible first impression when you have visitors, especially to potential buyers if you have the intention to sell your home.

Thankfully, it is safe to power wash these surfaces, as it helps to remove these stains and protect your home from contaminants. It also improves your homes’ curb appeal and maintains its resale value if you ever wish to sell. When power washing your driveway and walkways, ensure that you use the right chemicals to prevent them from wearing out too quickly.

Windows And Fencing

Over time, it is natural for your windows and fences to gather dust, as they are exposed to wind and other elements. If they are not cleaned, they could become discolored. If this problem is not corrected on time, the resale value of your home will be affected if you ever wish to sell. Also, it will cost you more to renovate these parts of the house when the time comes. To avoid unwanted expense and stress, power washing these surfaces will do good to maintain them.

Roofs And Attics

The roofs and attics are well known to host several contaminants. As such, they must be cleaned out as often as possible. To keep them clean, it is advisable that you power wash the roof and attics routinely.

Importantly, when power washing your roof, always ensure to use the lowest settings. This is to prevent damages to the delicate roof components.  

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