What’s the Best Copy Printer for Your Remote Workers?


As the world approaches the 2-year mark for the global COVID-19 pandemic, many workers still perform their jobs remotely. What was once thought to be a temporary solution to extenuating circumstances seems, more and more, to be a permanent way of life. This means that businesses need to address the vital question of whether or not their remote workers have the equipment they need at home to get the job done right or if they’re still using time-wasting workarounds. If you work from home, or you have employees who do, here’s what you need to know about finding the best copy printer for these home office situations.

What Primary Functions Does It Need to Serve?

No single machine will work best for every business and every remote worker with a home office. Suffice it to say, though, that most remote workers don’t need the kind of machine that you would use in your business’s office—and, frankly, they wouldn’t have room for it. Because in-office machines are designed to meet the entire company’s needs, they’re naturally going to have a lot more functions and features than any single worker needs.

So, this means you need to ask what functions this individual needs their printer to perform. Do they scan in documents from home? Do they need a printer that can handle high-resolution photos? Do they copy contracts and mail them out to clients? The answers to these questions will help you determine the central, essential functions that any machine you choose must-have, giving you a starting place for finding the best machine for each worker.

Are There Workarounds for Other Functions?

Workarounds typically take up extra time if there’s an option to automate the task instead. However, when selecting a machine for a single worker, you probably can’t spring for every feature and upgrade. This means you’ll need to balance the time savings of add-on features with potential workarounds that would be more affordable.

For example, having your remote worker staple the contracts together by hand would be slower than having a machine do it but probably doesn’t take up enough time to merit upgrading to a printer that can staple the paperwork itself. On the other hand, requiring the work to drive to the office regularly to pick up copies of documents they needed for their work is wasteful when compared to the cost of getting them their own copy printer.

Is It Worth the Investment?

The final question many business owners ask is if this cost is even worth it. How long will those workers be working from home? And if they return to the office, what happens to those machines you bought for them? In reality, many businesses find that remote workers are a more practical option all around, which might be the best permanent solution for their company. If this seems like a possibility for you, you shouldn’t hesitate to buy a copy printer in Anchorage, AK, for those employees who could benefit from it.

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