Which are the best cheap bongs in the market?


The bongs are essentially the water pipes which are used for used for the purpose of smoking cannabis. There are a wide range of different types and categories of bongs that are sold in the market by various manufacturers and companies. These bongs vary based on their design, build quality, features, specs, and price amongst other factors. While some of the bongs have basic design with just a bowl and the chamber whereas others are more complicated plus have dynamic design with excellent pieces of art. 

If you want to utilize the additional space then adding various accessories is amazing however each of the intricacy raises the price of bong and makes the task of cleaning that much difficult. Alternatively if you are looking for the monster hit but are not necessarily looking for the giant rig which is full of ash catchers and the percolators then you must browse some of the basic straight tube bongs. These bongs allow you to get the massive smoke chamber without dropping the small fortune on the glassware

The best range of cheap bongs sold by ShareBongs

If you want to save money in the purchase of bongs then it doesn’t necessarily mean compromising the quality or thickness of the bongs. There are a wide range of best cheap bongs for sale that provide excellent value for money to the customers and are incredibly durable with high quality manufacturing standards. ShareBongs is one of the best place to buy high quality cheap bongs for the varying requirements of the consumers. Here you will find cheap bongs under $80 and even under $50.

Some of the most efficient affordable or cheap bongs sold by ShareBongs includes Hot Sale Rick And Morty Beaker Glass Bong, Glow In The Dark 3D Mushroom Pattern Straight Tube Glass Bong, Klein Recycler Torus Glass Oil Rig With Showerhead Perc, Colorful Honeybee Glass Beaker Bong, Rick And Morty Glow In The Dark Beaker Bong – 6 Styles Available, and Triple Honeycomb Percs Straight Tube Bong amongst others. We will take a brief look at one of these products.

Triple Honeycomb Percs Straight Tube Bong: This bong manufactured and sold by https://www.sharebongs.com/ provides 3 times the diffusion and filtration through 10 inch triple honeycomb percolator bongs. It has a height of 10″ and it is crafted using the scientific ultra-durable glass, and the tube offers three levels of the honeycomb perc diffusion via main chamber. It is topped using flared mouthpiece for tightly sealing the smoke, and providing the maximum inhalation. This bong has a sturdy base platform for guaranteeing stability on the flat surfaces. 

The ice catcher bongs means that the ice cubes can be inserted on top of glass bong for a cooler smoke. The sturdy base also means you don’t have to worry about it falling down. This bong comes in different color options and is available for purchase at a price of $64.99.

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