Medicinal Marijuana is Available In Louisiana for Anxiety Patients


Medical marijuana has become more of a mainstream treatment for those who are suffering from anxiety as it is now legal to purchase in most parts of the United States. 

Cannabis is now well known for its ability to calm and help many people cope with stress and anxiety—and the good news is that it is available in Louisiana.

With increasing numbers of people turning to the natural option of using MMJ to treat anxiety, there has been an increasing interest in just how one can obtain a recommendation for its use. 

That is where can help.

How does Medical Marijuana Help People Cope with Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are among the most common mental health issues in the U.S. Recent research has revealed that around 40 million people (19.1% of the population) in the United States are suffering from anxiety in one form or another—and it often impacts their quality of life. 

Medical marijuana has been proven to provide relief to those who suffer from high levels of anxiety. When used correctly, it can improve the lives of those who struggle to cope with high levels of fear and anxiety by lowering stress levels.

Medical cannabis is a useful addition to any medical treatment that the patient is undergoing. Research conducted at Washington State University has revealed that medical marijuana has a tremendously positive impact on the lives of those who are feeling depressed, anxious or have issues dealing with stress.

A research paper that was published in 2012 revealed that students who found social situations challenging benefited from the use of medical cannabis. 

Side effects and Traditional Treatment


Psychotherapy, in particular cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT), has long been the chosen method for the treatment of anxiety. 

CBT teaches the sufferer new ways to think, behave and respond to situations and cognitive issues. This helps them to manage panic attacks. 

New ways of thinking and responding can help reduce the impact of panic and the associated feelings of terror associated with these attacks.

However, CBT can be a challenging process. Those who are undergoing this sort of therapy can be prone to bouts of crying, irritability or rage. It can also be a physically exhausting process. 

A good example is the treatment of a fear of flying which may force the sufferer into situations that they would prefer to avoid. This, in turn, can elevate levels of stress and anxiety. 

Prescription Medication

There are a number of drugs that can be prescribed to help those suffering from anxiety. These can include benzodiazepines which are recommended for short-term use and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) antidepressants which are used on a longer-term basis. The use of both of these types of medications can have serious health implications

Abusing the medication by exceeding recommended dosages is dangerous, but even lower doses of these medications can cause attention-related disorders. 

Patients report drowsiness and confusion, as well as issues with balance. These can seriously impact performance in the workplace and in an educational setting. 

Daily tasks such as driving can become a challenge and may even represent a real risk of injury or worse. There is also the ever-present risk of addiction.

The Cannabis Alternative

The ‘Marijuana Investigations for Neuroscientific Discovery‘ (MIND) studies performed at the Harvard Medical School revealed that the use of medical marijuana can improve cognitive functioning, as well as reduce the clinical symptoms of anxiety that affect many patients.

A 2018 study by ScienceDirect showed that medical cannabis can be extremely useful in treating anxiety and stress-related disorders. Those taking part in the study reported reductions of up to 58% in feelings of anxiety and stress.

Does Medical Marijuana Help with Anxiety?

The studies indicate that those using medical marijuana experienced fewer panic attacks and a reduction in anxiety

Whereas before the use of medical marijuana they may have had several panic episodes per day, many reported only suffering from one during the course of medical cannabis treatment. Ongoing research seems to back up findings on the effectiveness of medical marijuana in treating anxiety

The benefits of MMJ can include:

  • Enhanced feelings of peace and tranquility
  • A greater sense of wellbeing
  • Improvements in sleep patterns

If you are in Louisiana and suffering from anxiety, visit the Teleleaf website today.

Anxiety can seriously affect your quality of life and can be challenging to deal with. Take the first step toward mental wellness today.

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