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Cat is a pet that usually lives as a small carnivorous mammal. There are sharp teeth and claws on its small, flexible body. The creature has good night vision and a good sense of smell. Cat’s language is her body language; she roars, grumbles, hisses, and grumbles.

Other names are kat, mao, meo, neko for Cat in different languages. By continue reading, you will find many words used for cat. 

The cat has been interacting with humans for over 9,500 years. Known for hunting more than 1,000 different species of animals, they are carnivores and extremely skilled hunters. Keep reading to learn more about cats.

The Near Eastern wildcat roamed the middle eastern deserts 10,000 years ago. At the time, its appearance was similar to modern cats. In spite of the wild and fierce nature of the Near Eastern cat, domestic cats have become the world’s most popular pets due to their adaptability and tameness. 

They were first discovered in Kazakhstan. A well-preserved skeleton dating to around 775–940 cal CE was discovered during excavations at the early medieval city of Dzhankent. 

Bastet was the goddess of cats in Ancient Egypt. Cats have been depicted in ancient Egyptian tomb carvings.

20 Words for Cat in Other Languages 

The English word ‘cat’ comes from the Old English word catt, which came from the Late Latin word cattus. There are a lot of words for saying cat in different languages, Lets have a look. 

Cat in Spanish

Gato, gatito, and gata are all Spanish terms for cats, kittens, and female cats respectively. 

Cat in French

Among French words for cats, chat is the word for cat, while chaton is the word for kitten, and chatte is the word for a female cat. 

Cat in Hawaiian

A cat is called Popoki in Hawaiian (as well as a part of female anatomy). Native American languages may use a word differently if it refers to inanimate or animate objects. Cats are very animated! The Cree call them minos. 

Cat in Cherokees

Among the Cherokees, the cat is called wesa, and the kitten is wesa usdi. The cat was called “Igmu” and the kitten was called “Igmu-chi-ka-la.”. “Miss” was the Mayan name for the cat.

Cat in Mandarin

Now we’re heading to China, where mao is the Mandarian word for cat. As a result, Chairman Mao was known as “Chairman Cat”. 

Cat in Japanese

Japanese cats and kittens are both called neko and koneko, respectively. A girl with cat ears is referred to as a nekomimi in Japanese anime. 

Cat in Hindi

The word billee can be Anglicized to billee in India as cats are generally seen as bad luck. 

Cat in Korean

In Korea, it is known as goyang-i. 

Cat in Vietnamese

Con Meo is the name of the cat in Vietnam. 

Cat in Malaysian

Kwacing is the name of the cat in Malaysia.

Cat in Thiland

It is difficult to Anglicize Thailand’s word for cat, but it sounds like a long “meow”. Like the Ancient Egyptians, the Ancient Siamese might have believed their cats called them by name.

Cat in German

Here are some words for cat in different European languages. Many stories about cats originated in Europe. The German word for cat is Katze, and the word for kitten is Kätzchen. German nouns are always capitalized. 

Catin Egypt

Let’s find out what the African languages say about cats. In ancient Egypt, the cat, mau, was considered a sacred animal. 

Cat in Swahilis & Yoruba

Swahilis call cats paka. Cats are called ologbo in Yoruba. 

Cat in Zulu

Ikati is the Zulu word that means cat. 

Cat in IGBO

The Igbo people call domestic cats pusi. 

Cat in Dutch

In Dutch and Afrikaans, cats are called kat. 

Cat in Somalia & Sudan

In Somalia, the cat is called bisad, while in Sudan, it is called ucing. 

Cat in Turkish & Yiddish

In English, the word quot is pronounced like “cut”. Turkish people call cats “kedi”. Its name is Anglicized as “gorbe” in Iran, where it originates. Chatul may be a more familiar term for Hebrew speakers, whereas ketschele or kats may be used by Yiddish speakers. In Yiddish, it refers to someone who is forgetful (a katsnkop).

As a hunter, cats are supposed to hate rats in Nigeria because of the myth that she was blamed for a theft that a rat committed. It is said that cats are either good tricksters or bad tricksters in Italian folklore. 

Snow leopards are distrusted by Mongolians due to their destructive nature. There are tales of the Wampus cat told across Native American tribes in the Appalachians, but Cherokees believe Wampus represents the spirit of the woman who fought a demon to avenge her husband.

According to Celtic legend, Fair Folk can cause mischief, or they may bestow great blessings. There are some Asian cultures that believe a cat is a lion’s aunt.

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