Why You Should Never Change the Things You Can Never Understand


I’m in my first year of college, and I have to say that the world is a lot different than what I was taught in school. When I was younger, we’d learn about things that were very black and white. There was right, and there was wrong. There were laws, rules, authority figures… everything you could possibly imagine. But as I get older it seems like everything is a lot more grey than what it used to be when I was younger. It seems like people expect us to know things without ever teaching us how to learn these things on our own. Blockchain and edtech are great examples of this.

What even is edtech? “Edtech” is a pretty broad term that encompasses anything related to education technology. From my point of view, the word edtech seems like that’s just a fancy word for computers or digital learning tools. We’ll call everything digital learning tools from now on because I don’t want to keep saying edtech over and over again in this post! A lot of people talk about how crazy the world is becoming, but they’re looking at it through the wrong lens. It’s not that things are different than what we were taught growing up; it’s more-so that we don’t know how to deal with change when things are changing so quickly around us. Don’t get me wrong — there are always going to be certain aspects of life and society that remain unchanged no matter what happens in our world today or tomorrow — you can never change what comes naturally to you as an individual and some aspects will remain the same forever (like basic human nature). But does this mean we should expect everyone else in the world to act exactly like us? Absolutely not! People are people, and people have their own lives outside of ours which means they will do whatever they please regardless if it matches up with our values or beliefs. This is where the idea of acceptance comes into play.

Acceptance is probably the most important thing in life because without it, you’ll never be happy. This idea of “acceptance” applies to everything in our world today, even blockchain and edtech! In fact, I think that these two topics are a great example of how people accept things too quickly without ever stopping to think about what they’re actually accepting and whether or not this acceptance is right for their lives. Edtech isn’t going anywhere — it’s here to stay! We can accept that we have homework for school, and we can accept that we have tests because those are just part of life. But does this mean that all education should look the same? Absolutely not! Does this mean we should expect students to learn from their teachers exactly as they were taught when they were younger? Absolutely not! Students don’t know how to learn on their own yet which means they need help — self-learning tools can help them succeed so long as teachers understand how these tools work or at least know how to use them effectively themselves. If you’ve never used Google Docs before then do yourself a favor and take some time learning about it so you don’t make your students feel dumb when you ask them why something doesn’t work the way you want it too (we’ve all been there).

Blockchain was made popular by Bitcoin; unfortunately Bitcoin has a bad reputation thanks to its association with illegal activity online (i.e. Silk Road). Bitcoin is just a currency — it’s not “cash” like people think. If you’re not a big fan of the idea of digital cash then that’s fine, but what I want to impress upon you is the fact that blockchain is here to stay no matter how much bad press it gets for being associated with illegal activity (i.e. dark web). Blockchain technology has many applications which makes it an extremely valuable tool in today’s world (for example, blockchain can be used to track medications and food items from their origin all the way through distribution so we know where they come from and who touched them!). We have our own opinions on whether or not this technology will change the world as we know it, but in my opinion I think blockchain has potential as long as people learn how to use these new technologies effectively!

Just because something doesn’t fit into your ways of thinking doesn’t mean that you should expect everyone else in the world to behave exactly like you do! That’s why I’m writing this post — because some things are better left alone than meddled with by someone who probably shouldn’t be meddling anyway.

I guess I’d like to say that we shouldn’t judge others based on how they live their lives. It’s 2018 and the world is a different place than it was when you were younger, but that doesn’t mean you should expect everyone else to change with the times. If you don’t like something then by all means, change it yourself or otherwise accept it as is.

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