Why Your After-Dinner Speaker Can Make Or Break Your Event

Why Your After-Dinner Speaker Can Make Or Break Your Event

The after-dinner speaker is frequently the highlight of any event. Nobody will forget the after dinner speaker and what they had to say, whether it is a large corporate event or a family event such as a wedding. Because the speaker is so important and memorable, they have the power to make or break your entire event. As a result, picking one is critical. Even if you are only selecting a best man to serve as an after dinner speaker at your wedding, you must exercise caution. Choosing the incorrect person may result in a clash between their sense of humor and that of some of your guests. If you have elderly family members in attendance, the time the groom puked in his hat should not be mentioned in the speech.

If you are planning a larger event, such as a corporate or charity dinner, the same guidelines apply. You may have hired a professional after-dinner speaker, but you must still make them aware of your audience’s basic etiquette. Any taboo subjects, as well as the demographics of the audience, should be mentioned in advance. When you hire an after dinner speaker, any good speakers’ bureau will advise you on how to best ensure that they are appropriate. To best match you, they should collect detailed information about the event and the audience. If they don’t, you should question the organization’s professionalism and be cautious: you don’t want the speaker to ruin your event.

When deciding who will speak at your event, keep the audience in mind as well as the message you want to convey. If your event is a business dinner, you can choose an entertainer who has a connection to business, either as a well-known business leader or by knowing your specific industry very well. An after-dinner entertainer who is familiar with your audience will be able to entertain them while also including some humorous anecdotes in their speech.

The same is true for sporting events, club functions, and charity functions. If you want to raise money for a specific cause, choose a celebrity who has gone through a similar experience or has been around for a long time. The main purpose of an after dinner speaker is, of course, to give a speech. Prior to the actual speech, the event organizers should communicate with the speaker, addressing what they want included in the content, how they want their audience to react, and if they would like any additional services from the speaker.

Some of the extras that the people like Andrew Neil speaker you hire are willing to do include celebrity auctions for charity or table-mingling so that attendees can meet the speaker in person. These can add a special touch to your event and make it truly memorable for those who attend.  It is the event planner’s responsibility to provide this critical information to the presenter. Some executives are good sports and enjoy participating in a presentation, while others are not. Also, there may be some sensitive issues for the audience that the presenter is unaware of, so it is critical that you make them aware of those issues.

The more preparation you do ahead of time and the more information you provide the after dinner speaker, the better your chances of success. Remember that your goal is to plan a complete event, which includes selecting the right after dinner speaker.

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