You Can Tell If Microsoft Outlook Is Outdated With These 7 Ways


Please answer the following question. Did you use any other program to send emails before there was Microsoft Outlook? For me, Eudora for Windows was the program I used. The email client Eudora has not been widely known, but it was previously the best on the market in 1996. It’s ten years later, and most of us are using the newest version of Microsoft Outlook. My main source of daily email communication will continue to be Outlook as it has served me well for a very long time.

In addition to its capabilities as a client for email, a calendaring tool, and an activity manager, Outlook cannot offer other features almost necessary for success with email marketing.

When it comes to sending bulk emails or broadcast messages to one’s client email list, Microsoft Outlook falls short and show errors like [pii_pn_fbf90949498dfaa0fb81]. Your familiarity with this limitation is based on the fact that you still send email to a multitude of distribution lists using Microsoft Outlook. You should ask yourself these seven questions to see if Microsoft Outlook is no longer suitable for your business.

Lists of Distribution

What if you’re having trouble keeping your distribution list organized and you’re not sure who’s on or off it? Perhaps Microsoft Outlook is no longer a good fit for you.

Email duplicates

Is there a possibility of sending the same email to the same person more than once? Microsoft Outlook might no longer be suitable for you.

Overriding CC with BCC

It’s possible you’ve outgrown Microsoft Outlook if you’re confused about when to use BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) instead of CC (Carbon Copy).

Keep in touch

Your mailing list may have outgrown Microsoft Outlook if you aren’t able to automatically get back to members based on whether they subscribed recently or over a period of time.

Reporting for Email Campaigns

You may have outgrown Microsoft Outlook if you have no idea whether the recipients received or opened the email you sent them.


Having trouble errors like [pii_email_b02030edf01c934e4ab8 personalizing your email messages and being able to address numerous recipients by name on your mailing list could mean that you have outgrown Microsoft Outlook. Here the solution [pii_email_37f47c404649338129d6] How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Error Codes

Market segmentation

You may be outgrowing Microsoft Outlook if you have no way of determining which members of your mailing list fit your intended target market.

You may be wondering what I should do if I have answered at least three out of seven questions with a “yes”? The company that three out of seven is in the market for an email broadcast service or software should get one.

Software and email services are available for broadcasting. In my opinion, Browing Corporation and Roving Software Incorporated offer high-quality hosting services. Constant Contact and Broadwick counters with Intellicontact are some of the most popular distributed services offered by Roving Software. Features and prices are pretty similar between the two. Micro- to small business owners who cannot afford to outsource entirely but who are looking for some relief from emailing responsibilities can utilize these two broadcast email services.

There is a company called Arial Software which offers software solutions for broadcasting email. Campaign Enterprise is a groundbreaking permission marketing software offering, making it one of the best in the industry.

In addition, a Microsoft Outlook add-on can be used as an alternative. This is a program that attaches itself to the Outlook menu bar after installation. SwiftPage email is a great tool that comes with Summit 5 software.

There is no doubt that any of these options will be sufficient for meeting your needs when it comes to outgrowing Microsoft Outlook. You should test drive each alternative to see which is best for your business. Perhaps one of these alternatives will ensure that your growth spurt does not happen quite yet. Until that happens, just stay on top of what you know. I have faith it will happen.

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