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If you’re planning a wedding, a family holiday, or a prom, it is essential for you to receive the best vehicle and service for the money you pay. Several factors are considered when hiring a limo service. In this guide, you will be made familiar with the necessary tips and tricks and the know-how of a limo rental. We hope this guide helps you get the most out of your luxury transportation experience.

Getting hold of the right limo often depends on the type of occasion, number of people, the number of hours you’ll need and how far you’ll be going. All companies will ask for this necessary information once you call them up for booking your royal ride. The more description you can provide, the better the service you’ll receive! It’s always good to have a set budget established before time and also be aware of what kind of service you’re looking forward to.

Get the Right Ride

It’s all about the right vehicle at the end of the day. You wish to ride off in style in a royles Royce and they’ll make your dream come true for sure! There are certain things you have to ensure before you can be mentally prepared to call a limo renting service. You need to be sure of the space you require, the car features you’re most interested in, and lastly a special event. It is best to book a vehicle that has some extra space, make sure there’s proper music set up as well because after all, that’s half the fun. Be sure to ask for luggage capacity and seating arrangements as well for an experience of a lifetime. If you’re searching for such services, search away for a luxury limousine service in NJ!


As you know, people book these cars way ahead of time, a lot before their actual event date. You really don’t want the car booked on your special day, hence book a few months before you actually ride off in your luxury limo. Ensure everything is confirmed and you’ve got the contract done in writing at least a week before! For weddings, people book 12-18 months before their wedding!


You might think that you’re availing of a luxury service so they’re taking all the necessary precautions but do not forget to check the license number of the company you choose to hire. The company you choose for your big day has to be authorized by the government and have a legal license. Don’t take risks and go ahead with booking a limo without asking for any credentials, you can’t take any stress especially on the event day.

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Each limo company has its own pricing policy. Some prefer to charge by the hour while some charge for the whole ride collectively, make sure you’re not scammed into thinking that you’re supposed to pay a small amount only to be tricked later on to pay “hidden charges” such as the driver’s fee. Other companies offer various rates for airport Shuttle Services and other spontaneous services. Some companies might also surprise you with ‘add on prices’ such as fuel charges, or can even charge per km. However, the best service will ask for money on a daily basis! Your goal is to look for a limo service that doesn’t charge a lot extra than the base charges. These companies are looking forward to you paying 15-20% tip to the drivers as well, whereas some respect your opinion with leaving the ‘tip’ as a choice to you. Whatever the case may be, ask for the full price upfront so you clearly know what you’re getting for the money you’re paying!

Plan Ahead

Plan everything ahead of time, do you require ice or drinks? Do you and your friends have a preferred route? Where would you like to stop? Providing all these needs will make your ride more comfortable and hassle-free, you also wouldn’t have to fret on the last day but rather enjoy your royal ride! We hope the above-mentioned tips help you in choosing the right limo for your desired event. Make sure you’re prompt with the timings always. Happy Cruising!

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