10 ways to Boost your ecommerce strategy


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There are various methods for boosting your ecommerce leads or sales, in this article we will run through the different ways we think we can help you do this.

  1. Everyone Loves a Promotion

The number one way to boost sales is via creating a seasonal promotion or discount for first time buyers, this will help to give them that extra little push to get you the conversion. Using a strong call to action with a discount code in your Tiktok Ads really helps instinctive buyers to purchase, there and then on the spot. This is a method all Tiktok Ads Agencies use to drive sales for their clients all year round.

  1. Optimise For Mobile Viewing

A recent study confirms that mobile viewers account for more than 70% of website visits on retail websites. Shopping on mobiles has become more convenient than ever before and quick payment methods such as Apple pay and Paypal make purchases even easier for consumers. It is well worth putting some time to the side to prioritise this one.

  1. Have A Unique Selling Point 

It is imperative to think of different ways in which your product or service can be different to your competitors as this will give you an edge and provide a great opportunity to convey to your customers how your product solves the problem at hand. USPs can also help position your brand identity and provide a strong foundation for any Ad copy you may need in the near future.

  1. Focus On Social Proof

Consumer confidence is very important for first-time buyers, It is the idea that “people copy the actions of others in an attempt to emulate popular behaviour”. People like to follow heard behaviours, they want to be accepted by society. It’s deep-rooted in our 

Physiology. Some ways to improve social proof online are to include reviews and testimonials on the landing page of your website, people will see these and become heavily influenced by the buying actions of others, especially if they are prominent members of society or of high status.

  1. Recover Abandoned Carts With Reminder Emails

Abandoned carts are a serious game changer for ecommerce businesses. Using this tactic can increase conversions by over 200% and then some! An abandoned cart message can be sent to customers who got all the way to the checkout and then clicked off for one reason or another. The message is usually sent around 12 hours later and sometimes a third can be sent 24 hours after that to ensure success. In the message, you usually feature the product that they missed, and a great call to action saying “you forgot this. Checkout now for an extra 20% off your entire order!”. It’s always a good idea to include customer support so the customers have all the help they need to complete the purchase.

  1. Simplify The Checkout Process

More than 18% of customers abandon their checkouts due to complicated checkout processes, ensuring the process is short and sweet is the best way to retain 100% checkout success. Simplify the registration requirements, don’t ask for unnecessary details and offer just a few easy payment methods for checkout. An intuitive conversion funnel should direct the consumer through the buying process and make everything easy from the awareness stage all the way to conversion.

  1. Make Use Of Urgency and Scarcity Tactics

People are highly influenced by urgency and scarcity tactics. If consumers think that there are just a few in stock left in an ecommerce store they will more instinctively purchase there and then. Behavioural science and FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) have a big influence on buying behaviour. The best methods we recommend to stay effective are free trials, limited-time offers, discounts, coupons, etc.

  1. Improve your ecommerce store’s SEO

Make sure you constantly perform regular search engine optimisation so that your ranking at the top of Google for every search. Optimising your landing page and product pages  with great keywords will increase your score on search engines. Ensure your metadata is clear and succinct with relevant keywords with authoritative backlinks to boost your ranking within Google.

  1. Content

Produce high-quality content such as case studies and blogs frequently, this will help to improve your SEO score and improve your brand’s identity and presence over time. It will help to build brand confidence and credibility whilst also generating loyalty as they follow your brand journey.

  1. To Summarise

In summary there is an endless list of ways you can enhance your ecommerce brand strategy. Learning how to increase your ecommerce sales can be made easier if you try these 10 things first. If and when you do, let us know how you get on. 

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