15 Best YouTube Video Ideas To Start Your Channel


The more you publish content on YouTube, the more you will see an increase in your number of subscribers, but also of customers. In this case, it may be interesting to set yourself the challenge of publishing one video per day to reach the famous threshold of 1000 subscribers. Here are ways to find original and interesting YouTube video ideas.

1. “Facecam” videos

This is the most classic format, adopted by the vast majority of YouTubers. The principle is simple: we turn on the camera and film ourselves talking. This kind of video is one of the most practical and fast, it is particularly effective in forging a strong bond with your audience who sees your face, hears your voice, perceives your facial expressions and your little tics. In terms of YouTube video ideas , you can let go and talk about anything and everything. If you are new to YouTube, I strongly advise you to start there. Even if you’re not comfortable at first (no one is), you’ll quickly get used to speaking fluently in front of the camera.

2. Tops

The word that best sums up the tops is “EASE”. Everything is easy with this format: creation, viewing… The big plus is that you can adapt it to all the sauces and make it the concept of your YouTube channel. Titles that start with “TOP 10” often tend to write themselves, it’s a real goldmine of original YouTube video ideas: Top 10 reasons why I don’t like people, Top 10 sweetest cakes, Top 10 times I embarrassed myself… Admit it, you want to click.

3. Tutorials

Whatever niche or theme you have chosen, there are bound to be tutorials you could post on YouTube to help your audience. In my case, because I help entrepreneurs attract as many clients as possible automatically, I cater to a market that uses a ton of technical online tools. For each piece of software I use, I can easily come up with several “tutorial” style YouTube video ideas and simply film my screen to explain how my tools work. It’s quick, simple, and devilishly effective. The big bonus is that these kinds of videos generally rank very well and attract the most views over the long term (these are often the ones that attract the most views over the long term).

4. Reviews

It’s one of the formats that gave birth to YouTube, and it never really went out of fashion. A review is simply a criticism of a product. Whether it’s a clothing brand, a face cream, software or an iPad…. People love to find out before buying a product and reviews are very useful for that. Again, the format itself naturally spawns tons of original YouTube video ideas that will generate views and subscribers in the long run.

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5. The Hauls

Another format dedicated to objects which may not be relevant for all themes but which has the merit of existing. The principle of hauls is simple: you show what you have purchased. It’s mainly used in the fashion world, you understand why… But with a little imagination, I think it could give rise to some rather original YouTube video ideas!

6. “How to” videos

Unlike tutorial videos, the purpose of how-to videos is to explain step by step how to do something. It’s much more theoretical and it can be filmed in Facecam without demonstration or screen recorder. In this video, for example, I explain how to organize your days when you work at home . Ask yourself what you can teach your subscribers and you will very quickly have dozens of ideas for YouTube videos to post on your channel.

YouTube Music

7. PowerPoint

This format is absolutely ideal for the shy since you won’t need to show your face… Enough to give you lots of ideas for YouTube videos without fear of being judged or recognized in the street! The principle is simple, you prepare a powerpoint or images to present on the screen and you record your voice over it. Be careful to ensure the dynamism of the video which can be boring, but if you use a few simple effects it can make the whole thing very dynamic! I often use this technique for my special lives as you can see in this live where I review my statistics over 2 years live with you.

8. Podcasts

Even at the base, YouTube where we publish videos, there are more and more podcasts. Here the conversion is quite simple: you leave a fixed image with an audio. As you can imagine, not everyone is necessarily a fan of this format, but that doesn’t have to “stop” you. The podcast is generally the format that best captures attention since subscribers listen to it while doing something else in general (the dishes, the laundry, the storage…). If you’re just starting out and you don’t know yet whether you want to shoot videos, record podcasts or write articles to make a living from your passion, don’t forget that I’ll help you make this choice in module 3 of my Catapult training to Contents.

9. Critics

Giving your opinion is always interesting, and there will always be someone to listen to you, even more so if you choose subjects that interest people. Every opinion you have can give you dozens of original and mesmerizing YouTube video ideas as long as you don’t fall for gratuitous criticism. As always, criticism will only be interesting if it is relevant and constructive, so it is better to turn your tongue seven times in your mouth and to be silent in doubt.

10. Storytimes

Human beings are curious gossip, we are not going to lie to each other. The concept of Storytime is simple: we tell an epic adventure that happened to us as if we were chatting with old friends. The Facecam format generally works very well here because it reinforces this feeling of intimacy, of being in front of a friend who tells us about a mishap or a secret. Of course, if you are an entrepreneur and your goal is to make a living from your YouTube channel, be sure to give your storytimes a certain limit and only tell those that fit perfectly into your editorial line (this is to say the subjects and themes that you are used to discussing).

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11. Vlogs

Beware of this format which can quickly become boring when you have nothing really special to tell. It’s a bit like the video version of the article on “Your incredible holidays in Normandy” that no one really cares about (sorry). Be careful not to share too much, especially if you’re just getting started and realize that not everyone has the same life as EnjoyPhoenix and a vlog to say you spent the day behind your pc taking a few coffee breaks may not be the best idea for YouTube views . However, and provided you book them on the right occasions, publishing “video blogs” will allow you to bring your audience into your world.

12. FAQs

In the case of a new channel, and if you start from scratch, without an audience coming from a blog or any social network… You will appear egocentric by launching a FAQ from your first videos. Wait until your number of subscribers grows before you start in this format, but once the right moment has arrived, you will find that this is a type of video that could not be easier to produce since you don’t even need scripts. You’re just answering the questions people are asking and further connecting with your audience by quoting them.


13. Stories

This is nothing new = people love stories. That’s why we spend hours on Netflix or finish a Final Fantasy to the end. Following a character, listening to a story has a sort of hypnotic power over people, even more so if the story told is surprising. One of the most viewed videos on my channel is the “Wonder People” video where I tell the story of Helen Keller and the stats from this video prove that my subscribers loved this format. If you have a story to tell, then don’t hesitate for a second to get your camera out and shoot. That’s how you make a vlog addictive by the way.

14. Answers

Post a youtube video in response to another youtube video… Would we be in a boob inspired by Inception? A bit like for the controversy (which we will discuss just after), responding to a video that “buzz” roughly said can allow you to attract a spike in traffic by taking advantage of the popularity of the channel from which it comes. . For that, as usual, it will be necessary to think about taking care of the tags, the titles, the description, the thumbnail etc… so that it is recommended in “next video” in an organic and natural way and that it has a maximum of visibility.

15. The controversy

The youtube sharing option may be often requested if you choose this option! In this article, my main objective is to help you find YouTube video ideas, but this point (like many others) works in all media and on all formats. The controversy attracts curiosity and attention, that’s why we tend to abuse it. Provided you do it “properly” in a respectable way, it can however be a huge springboard to quickly obtain great visibility and perhaps even make your video viral.

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