20 fun ideas for first dates that replace movie and bowling


Have you recently met someone that you are head over heels for and you want to make your first date fun because of how important first impressions are? Have you been thinking of new ideas and all you can think of is bowling and movies? You want to surprise her by giving her an experience she wouldn’t forget in a hurry but you don’t have fun ideas. Then, you are in luck. In today’s article, I’ll be introducing you to 20 fun first dates ideas that can replace movies and bowling.

Times have changed and these days, there are a ton of activities you can try out with anybody on your first date. The reason why most people are lack ideas when it comes to where they should go to on a first date is because a lot of people have become used to or comfortable with going out on dinners, movies, and bowling and because of that it’s now difficult to think of something creative other than what they are used to. If you want to stick to the crowd then your first date with her won’t be memorable regardless of the restaurant you take her to. Why? It’s simple, she must have had a lot of dinners or seen a lot of movies. Hence, If you don’t want to go with the crowd and you want your first date to be something she can’t forget in a hurry, then take a look at our 20 fun ideas that’ll replace the traditional movies and bowling.

  • Long walks in the park

Do you live in areas with beautiful outdoor spaces, areas that aren’t filled with buildings and cars? If you are, then taking her for a walk in the park is a good way to take advantage of the environment – enjoy the fresh air of the park and you can also exercise a little while you are it, if you are into that kind of stuff.

  • Visit a bookstore

Having a first date in a bookstore is a great idea for readers. Books can be a fun conversation starter and if you are lucky enough she might be into the kind of books you like.

  • Go to an outdoor market

Visiting an outdoor market is also considered fun if the right one is chosen. You can get to know the other person as you wander from booth to booth. Some fun outdoor markets to visit include the farmers market, fleas market, etc.

  • Have picnics

There is this refreshing feeling that comes with eating in the open, surrounded by trees. You can have picnics at the park, at nighttime on the beach, or any other fun location you can think of.

  • Attend a painting class

Painting with your date on your first is a fun and exciting experience to have. You get to talk about each other paintings. You’ll also get to see and appreciate art from the other person’s point of view. 

  • Go to a karaoke

Karaoke is a great pick for a first date. You can sing your favourite songs to her and she can also sing hers to you.  It’s even more fun when you sing the other person’s favourite song.

  • Play bar trivia’s

For your first date, you can try a bar trivia to see how “in sync” you are and also see if you both make a good team.

  • Visit the art museum 

Do you love art and you don’t know a fun or exciting way to tell her about what you are passionate about? Then taking her to the art museum will make a great first date and who knows, you may even get to experience your version of “When Harry Met Sally” fantasy.

  • Do some rock climbing

Are you a risk-taker? Do you love taking risks? When you partake in rock climbing with your date, it helps in determining whether your partner likes taking risks and it also helps in building trust. If you want a fun first date, then you can try rock climbing. 

  • Attend a food truck festival 

You can move from one truck and to another and rate or talk about your favourites in a truck festival. You can also choose to make the winning truck the venue for your next date. 

  • Play games

First dates shouldn’t revolve around movies. You can play a game with her. These days, there are a lot of games you can play with your dates. For example, you play paintball games together. 

  • Visit a live music venue

For first dates, concerts are not advisable because it’s a time to get to know each other and you won’t be able to do that in concerts due to the noise. Rather than going to a concert, a live music venue is a better choice. The music is not so loud and it makes it easier to mingle.

  • Try a multi-venue meal

I know you might want to say, isn’t this the same as just having dinner. If you thought that, you are correct but it’s quite different from the traditional dinner you are used to. Having dinner in different restaurants makes the whole experience look adventurous. You can decide to have the main course, appetizer, and dessert in different restaurants. 

  • Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is fun, you and your date get to stretch your bodies while flying through the air. Sure, you won’t be able to talk while you are stretching your body but trust me, you both will have lots to talk about after the class is over.

  • Go on a day trip

This is a fun and exciting way to get to know your date while you are on the road. This idea is perfect for someone you are already friends not someone you just met.

  • Poetry reading 

Do you find it difficult to say sweet things to your date? Why not have someone help you out with the words. With poetry reading, you’ll be able to convey all those sweet thoughts in your head to your partner.

  • Go apple picking or ice skating

Some activities are perfect for certain seasons. These activities are special and are memorable because they don’t happen all the time. Ice skating is a fun seasonal activity and who knows, she just might fall for you at the end of the day.

  • Visit a cat cafe

This idea is special for people who are felines. Before you take your date to a cat cafe ensure that she loves cats just as much as you do. Also ensure that she’s not allergic to them. If you are both big fans of cats, then you can get to know each other while playing with the cats.

  • Take part in a city tour

This is great for people living in big cities. If you live in a big city, there is a big chance that there are lots of places within your city you haven’t visited yet. Taking your date on a city tour is a fun way to learn more about your date and your city. 

  • Watch your favourite sports team

You can watch and cheer for your favourite team from a bar or at the stadium. You get a bonus point if you are both rooting for the same team. This is a fun way to bond with your date via sports.

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