4 Tips for Designing Window Sticker


The window sticker is one of the most famous design mediums for various reasons. They are extremely versatile and bold. They are also capable of attracting the attention of passers-by and drawing them towards your store. They not only develop environmental effects but also promote your business as well as the image of your brand. As window graphics are available both in temporary and permanent forms, they are adaptable for many business owners along with particular environments. 

With tons of different options, designing an attractive window sticker might seem confusing. You need to think about the marketing goals, design principles, and legibility. No to mention, the graphic quality needs to be high. Window stickers are undoubtedly a great choice for your storefront, but the design has to be eye-catching. 

In this article, we will discuss top tips for designing attractive window stickers for your business.   

Don’t Forget the Readability

Another most important thing you need to consider while designing personalized stickers for windows is readability. Make sure your sign is readable. If your customers cannot read the message, they won’t be able to know your brand’s value. As per Siteimprove, readability will allow your audiences to understand the content better.

Think about the distance of your window stickers from viewers. Do you need to install your window stickers indoors? Will your viewers walk past your storefront? Or they need to read your stickers from a distance?  

The further your readers, the larger text you need to use. As the font size plays a crucial role in the contrast of your text, make sure you choose appropriate lettering for your window stickers. 

Pick Appropriate Colors

Stickers look good in any color. But if you’re using window stickers for your business, the color needs to be a little more contrasted if you to increase the readability. 

Remember that people will be noticing your window stickers from different angles. Additionally, sometimes shadow might fall upon your window. In this case, people won’t be able to read the texts if the color is of dark quality. Hence, you need to use high-contrast colors. Using yellow or white colors in your window sticker will improve the contrast as well as the legibility. For logo design where the background is incomplete, you need to think about the environment. Keep in mind that the background color is also another important factor for your window stickers. 

Identify the Perfect Size

When it comes to identifying the size of your window stickers, you need to check the size of the window where you’ll install the stickers. Make sure that the stickers can fit well on the window. Additionally, if you’re looking for full-frame window stickers, make sure they’re capable of reaching the edge so that they can showcase a professional look. 

Choose Images Carefully

You can use any images in your window stickers, but don’t choose any images that are too buy or unattractive. Additionally, make sure the images are complementing your message on the stickers. 

Additionally, don’t put an important text in a bad spot. This will develop a poor contrast. If you’re using texts, it’s suggested to choose images that have room for composition such as a photo with a clear blue sky. Apart from that, the image has to be of high quality. 


These are the top window sticker designing tips you need to remember. Whether you’re installing window stickers for decoration purposes or advertisement purposes, they will undoubtedly enhance the appearance of your storefront. 

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