5 Factors to Look for in the Best Hair Growth Oil


As a child growing up in an Indian household, he learns one of the most common of all practices- oiling his scalp. Most of us are familiar with oiling our hair and our elders’ faith in its benefits. From growing thick, lush hair to relieving stress and headache, massaging your scalp with the best hair growth oil is the solution for all.

With an abundance of new products in the beauty market, trends often come and go, but hair oils have always remained a constant. However, are all hair oils ideal for your hair type? Curly, wavy, straight, dry, oily, and brittle, you will come across various hair types. Each calls for a different treatment for optimum maintenance.

What is the best hair oil for you will depend on several factors, especially your scalp and hair type, concerns, and issues related to your hair that you want to address. However, we have you covered if you still have doubts about choosing the best hair growth oil. 

Why is oiling your hair important?

Oils have many benefits for your skin and hair. Especially for hair, oils are beneficial as they impart a protective layer to prevent wear and tear or tangles. In addition, they keep your hair hydrated and moisturized, and do not form knots too easily.

Using a hair oil that suits your hair type will impart essential nutrients to your hair and scalp, which get absorbed and eventually make your hair healthier. Over time, it will also prevent breakage and snapping from the roots. This will help your hair grow thicker, healthier, and feel lustrous and smooth to the touch. 

How to choose the best hair oil?

Different types of hair oil address different hair care needs. You will even find blends of multiple oils that impart combined benefits. We have listed the most important factors to consider while choosing the right hair growth oil to show genuine results.

#1 Determine your hair and scalp type

Understand your hair type and scalp condition. Different hair types have different issues and need suitable oils to target specific problems. For example, if your scalp is too oily, but the strands are very dry and brittle, it can lead to hair fall and ultimately result in thinning of hair. In such a case, onion hair oil will be your best bet. 

We recommend Mamaearth’s Onion Hair Oil for Hair Fall Control which will optimize your hair growth cycle. Moreover, this natural and toxin-free hair oil is rich in Sulfur, Redensyl, and Potassium which help accelerate hair growth. They also help reduce frequent and excessive hair fall and thus help you control your hair growth. This makes this Mamaearth haircare product the best hair growth oil. 

#2 Recognize the hair concerns

There are different types of hair problems that many of you may endure. Hair fall, split ends, breakage, dryness, dandruff, alopecia, hair lice- the list is endless. All these problems are often interconnected and, together, lead to major hair loss. 

The key is to recognize the causes behind the problem and take the necessary precaution. It is also important to pay attention to internal factors of hair loss, like stress and medical problems, to get the best out of your hair growth oil.

#3 Check the ingredients list

The next step is to read the ingredient list of your hair oils thoroughly. You get to know a lot about the quality of the oil and the benefits you can expect by going through its 

composition. Check the ingredients list thoroughly to find out the concentration of the oils and what other ingredients are used. 

For example, Mamaearth’s Onion Oil contains natural ingredients like castor oil, bhringraj oil, almond oil, amla oil, and Redensyl, the combined effect of which is faster hair growth, a healthier scalp, and stronger strands. Its regular application helps prevent excessive hair fall and controls premature graying.

Onion Hair Oil

#4 Know your allergic history

Knowing the ingredient list will make it easier to determine whether you may have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Do a patch test to determine if you are allergic to the oil. The safest route is to go for a product that is Made Safe certified, meaning it does not contain toxins, harmful chemicals, parabens, or allergens that may negatively impact your hair and scalp. 

#5 Consider the brand reputation

The brand largely determines the product’s purity, quality, and authenticity. If you choose a product from a trustworthy brand, you can rest assured that what you are putting on your hair will not hurt you. Looking for a Made Safe certification before purchasing a hair oil is a best practice you can follow. 

You should check if hair care experts approve of the product. We recommend Mamaearth, which is India’s first Made Safe certified brand, and its wide range of hair oils and shampoos. 

Types of hair oil

We have listed some of the popular types of hair oil and their benefits to help you choose the right one:

  1. Argan oil

Argan oil is also known as liquid gold because it is rare and has many benefits for skin and hair. The oil has a non-sticky and light consistency. It is known for helping with hair growth and also improves natural luster.

  1. Onion oil

Onion oil is another one of the most popular hair oils known to accelerate hair growth. It is beneficial to combat hair fall as it includes antioxidants that increase blood circulation to the hair follicles. In addition, it strengthens the roots and prevents hair breakage.

  1. Amla oil

Amla oil is great for preventing any scalp infection and fungus. It also helps to maintain your hair color and prevent premature graying. In addition, it strengthens the hair and prevents breakage as well.

  1. Castor oil

Castor oil is relatively stickier and heavier oil. It is great for hair growth and thickens the hair strands. As a result, the hair is stronger and does not break easily. It is also suitable for application on nails and skin.

How to reap the maximum benefits of hair oil?

The best time to use hair oil is before washing your hair. This way, your hair does not get sticky and is not too dry after cleansing it with shampoo and conditioner. It is crucial to use mild shampoos that are clarifying enough to remove the oil residues thoroughly, or they can retain dirt and dust in your hair. 

Mamaearth’s Onion Hair Oil goes perfectly with its Onion Shampoo for Hair Fall Control. The latter features Onion, Wheat Amino Extracts, Plant Keratin, and Soy Amino Acids that reduce hair fall and soften hair. As one of the best shampoos available online, it also prevents dryness and maintains moisture in the hair cells. 

Wrapping up

The key to choosing the best hair growth oil is understanding your hair type and choosing accordingly. Keeping the tips shared here in mind, you can do so very easily. If you’re confused about selecting the best hair growth oil, you may opt for Mamaearth for its natural and FDA-approved hair oils. 

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