5 Ways To Better Manage Your Amazon Business’ Working Capital

Amazon Business

The working capital of any business helps it run smoothly. When we talk about large online businesses on Amazon, it is even more important. A sound Amazon working capital will help you conduct activities freely. You must always have enough cash to manage the current needs of your company. The online market is an extremely competitive one. And if you are operating on an online store like Amazon, you must have the money to increase your marketing efforts, buy more inventory and have liquid money during sale seasons. If you are still not sure about working capital, click here for a detailed guide on Amazon working capital

Amazon working capital and its status give your company an idea about how financially stable it is and if it will be able to cover the short-term obligations. Sellers must keep an eye on the quarterly and annual Amazon Net Working Capital. 

You can manage your working capital better if you have some tricks up your sleeve. The best practices for better management are not at all difficult and can help you deal with the finances better. 

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R&S Process 

The R&S or Reconciliation and Settlement system is an integral part of any enterprise. An inefficient R&S process can result in a loss of up to 20% of your invested capital. This money may get lost in places like bad debts, customer frauds, excess vendor invoicing, etc. The following ways can help you manage your R&S better. 

  • Automating your R&S platform is very crucial. Most successful startups have automated R&S platforms that detect anomalies on a real-time basis and can help you plan forward. 
  • Secondly, you must maintain discipline. A strict R&S process that has clearly enumerated rules must be followed. Be it automated reconciliation or manual, it is best to keep a check on all payment gateways, courier companies, and banks. Any difference must be given immediate attention. Things like customer fraud can affect your Amazon working capital to a great extent. 

Monitoring Payment and Collection Cycles 

A strict eye on the payment and collection cycles is very important for any business to grow and protect itself from fraud. 

  • The first step is to control trade credit. If an enterprise decides to give credit to its customers, it must have a strict credit control mechanism. 
  • Advances to vendors must be made only when that advance will bring you tangible long-term benefits. Advance payment is one of the worst blows for Amazon’s working capital. 
  • A lot of people do not negotiate with payment gateways. It can be a great way of managing your capital. With negotiation, you may get your money quicker than expected. 
  • Monitoring inventory levels can help you manage your Amazon working capital better. The management of inventory is crucial for any inventory-driven business. Less inventory can impair customer experience while a higher level of inventory can result in the blockage of your working capital. Thus, inventory purchases must be made at the right time. 
  • Try to negotiate longer payment cycles with your vendors. 

Buying inventories at the right time can help you save on your working capital. 

Optimal Utilisation of Excess Cash 

When you have money resting in your current account, you do not make much profit out of it. Thus, it is best to move excess working capital into short-term mutual funds or some other profitable scheme. Make sure that you choose the right kind of mutual fund investment keeping in mind the amount of money invested and if it will be needed any time soon or not. 

Cash Flow Forecasts 

A realistic cash-flow forecast helps immensely in managing working capital. It gives the enterprise a chart to work on and a sense of direction. However, make sure that it is invested with sufficient bandwidth. A yearly budgeting process is very crucial for any enterprise but it may not be sufficient. Short-term budgeting helps you keep a tab on all kinds of cash flow. This way you can keep every financial detail of the company at your fingertips. While you are engaged in preparing such forecasts, there are certain aspects that need to be kept in mind: 

  • Cash inflows 
  • Cash outflows which include taxes, salaries, and vendor payments 
  •  Any lump sum one-time payment such as yearly incentives, business acquisitions, lease deposits, Capex, etc.


Often new startups find it difficult to employ enough staff due to a lack of growth and funding. When caught up in such a situation, it is best to outsource all the work that cannot be done in-house. This will help you deal with your Amazon working capital better. However, one must be careful when hiring such freelancers. Get the best in best prices to ensure that they abide by the standards of quality  

Working capital is an integral part of any business venture. It looks after a company’s short-term financial health and efficiency. If you have strong systems and processes surrounding your capital, it will make the workings of your company smoother and bring in more profit. 



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