6 Smokable Herbs That Are Good for Your Health


Smokable Herbs are one of nature’s gifts to humankind. Besides using herbs for medicine, herbs can also be eaten as vegetables or made into food extracts. People also consume herbs for recreational purposes through smoking. These herbs are organic, safer, and healthier to consume than lab-produced smokable products and chemicals. 

When it comes to smokable herbs, marijuana is perhaps the first plant that comes to mind. Indeed, marijuana may possess many benefits, including relief from stress, a euphoric feeling, and the ability to manage certain illnesses. Also, it produces a “high” that can be highly pleasurable. 

Besides the benefits of marijuana, it still divides opinion. Thus, its use, sale, and production are legal in some regions and banned in other parts of the globe. However, there are many other herbs with health benefits you can smoke. These herbs can also give you a decent “high” in a herbal smoking blend. Indeed, most edible herbs are also smokable. Therefore, some of these herbs are easy to purchase–you might even have some in your fridge. In this article, we will reveal six smokable herbs that are good for your health. 

1. Sage 

Salvia (also known as sage) is one of the popular smokable, flavorful herbs. You can either buy sage herbs or grow them in your yard. There are different sage strains; thus, the conditions for increasing sage may vary depending on the theme. The various sage strains include Salvia apiana, Salvia mellifera, and Salvia divinorum. After harvesting the leaves, dry them in the sun, grind the dried leaves, and store them in an air-tight jar. 

While sage may be safe for consumption, Salvia divinorum is illegal in some regions due to its psychoactive properties. You may need to confirm the law regarding the consumption of this sage blend before cultivating or purchasing it. Also, sage may have anti-depressant qualities as white sage (Salvia apiana) can elevate the mood. Smoking sage can help resolve headaches. Sage can also alleviate nasal congestion due to cold. 

2. Lavender 

Lavender is one of the most versatile herbs you can smoke. Although this herb is famous for its aromatic properties, it also has other health benefits that you can benefit from smoking. Smoking lavender may not get you high. Yet, you can enjoy it in a herbal smoking mix along with other smokable herbs. Lavender can help alleviate insomnia and other sleeping disorders. Also, lavender is a common ingredient in aromatherapy to help bring calming and pain-relieving benefits to patients. Lavender may also help to cope with withdrawal from nicotine-based substances due to its calming effects. Due to the aromatic feature of this herb, smoking can become tolerable outdoors. 

3. Rosemary 

Discovered in the Mediterranean region, rosemary has its health benefits. It is also a common food ingredient. Thus, you can find rosemary leaves or powdered rosemary in many homes. Two sets of students were kept in separate rooms in a recent study to test how scents can impact brain function. Students in one room were exposed to the smell of rosemary, while the students in the other room had no means of perceiving the aroma. The study showed a 5 percent to 7 percent increase in information retention of the students exposed to the smell of rosemary. Rosemary also gives off a pleasant aroma when smoked. While rosemary can become spices or oils after processing them, you need to grind dry rosemary leaves into bits before smoking. For a better smoking experience, you may use rosemary to complement marijuana or other herbs. 

4. Mugwort 

This herb is relatively easy to plant. Artemisia Vulgaris (or mugwort) is a low-maintenance herb you can plant in your garden without much effort in terms of irrigation or fertilization. This herb grows invasively; you may need to watch it to avoid spreading to other parts of your garden like a weed. Mugwort has a soft, sweet flavor, and it produces a mild, calming effect during smoking – you may not get high when you smoke only mugwort. It can help tackle nicotine cravings and manage withdrawal symptoms. Despite the health benefits mugwort may have, pregnant women, are advised not to consume it. 

5. Peppermint 

Mint is a popular herb in traditional medicine. Its variants include mentha spicata and mentha Piperita (peppermint). Mint also grows in rich soil with enough sunlight to gain its nutrients. However, mint can be an invasive plant growing in several unwanted areas of your yard if not monitored closely. Peppermint is an aromatic and flavorful herb with similar properties as mint. Taking peppermint can aid indigestion and pain relief. It contains menthol, a natural chemical with pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Menthol is also an ingredient in medications to remedy pain, cold, and asthma symptoms. Like rosemary, peppermint can positively affect brain activity. In an experiment to access how certain plants impact cognition, peppermint improved the cognitive performances of participants who exhibited a higher level of information retention and concentration afterward. When it comes to smoking this herb, peppermint is more enjoyable in a herbal blend with herbs like marijuana. 

6. Skullcap 

Historically, the Indian tribes used Scutellaria Galericulata (skullcap) in traditional medicine. For centuries, skullcap has been used for treating various health issues, including chest pain, menstrual irregularities, and rabies. A member of the mint family, a skullcap can also help to manage insomnia and stress. However, high doses of skullcap can produce intense psychoactive effects. You may sense a calming sensation when you consume a skullcap. Consider mixing it with other herbal blends for a balanced, rich variety of flavors. When you plant this herb, you may find out that it adds to the beauty of your garden. Skullcap produces beautiful buds when they start to mature. Like most herbs, skullcap requires regular irrigation to retain moisture. 


Herbs are useful for many everyday activities, especially eating, staying healthy, and relaxing. Although marijuana is a common smokable plant, many other herbs with health benefits can give a decent amount of pleasure from smoking. Also, you can purchase them easily and openly at your local grocery store. You no longer need to risk getting caught buying weed from a street corner; a worthy alternative might be in your fridge. 

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