Is Shopping Online a Good Choice for Buying a New Bong?


With smoking cigarettes falling out of fashion, and is all aware of just how unhealthy cigarettes really are, we are all looking for new and creative ways to enjoy the nicotine and other dry herbs and a healthier, failed to mention more practical way. Some of the technologies being used by these alternatives are new concepts, some are innovations in existing concepts, and some are just old concepts that have always been better, but have always been in the shadow of big industries like cigarette and cigar manufacturers.

One prime example of this would be the classic bong. To truly appreciate the benefits of the smoking method, even if you are familiar with them to some level, we need to talk a little bit about how they work. They aren’t complicated, at least in their most basic form, so this shouldn’t take but a moment.

Your typical, simple bong is nothing more than a vertical chamber containing water, with a large mouthpiece at the top, perhaps a second smaller hole on the chamber known as a carb, and an aperture down at the bottom that allows a straight pipe (also known as a downstem) to diagonally lean into the water. The tobacco and dry herb are placed on one end of this downstem, and when lit, the user pulls through the top, causing the smoke to bubble through the water. A diffused downstem is usually a simple glass tube that aids in pushing down through the pipe towards the water. When the smoke reaches the water through the downstems holes it spreads throughout the liquid thus cooling it down.

Simple water alone is enough to have a profound effect on the smoke, cleaning a lot of the harsh ash out of it, as well as imbuing it with a moister, more pleasant texture and flavor. When adding flavorings to the water, such as artificial flavoring syrups, fruit juices, confectionery extracts or even your favorite alcohol, you can achieve some very interesting tastes and styles of smoke that even the vaping industry can’t offer.

Of course, it is a different experience to use a bong versus a smoking pipe, or smoking a cigarette. The smoke tends to expand when it reaches the lungs, not unlike a hookah, so your initial experience may be one where the smoke may seem slightly overwhelming if you have never used a bong before. This goes especially true for the common practice of using ice water, especially with mentholated tobacco, to create a pleasant, cooling smoke.

In modern times, you can get even healthier, using an E-bong, using something similar to E-cigarette liquid, or vape juice as it is commonly called, though it is formulated specifically with bongs and hookah’s in mind. This is far safer than an actual tobacco product, and it offers even more flavor opportunities along with the traditional flavorings you put in the water itself. 

If you are looking for a safer, more pleasant way to smoke, consider a bong. Your best bet is to shop for ozbongs and other bongs online, where you can save a fortune and experience the best variety possible!

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