6 Incredible Ways to Upscale the Efficiency of Boiler Controls


The feasible yet smart strategy to reduce operating expenses is to increase boiler efficiency. Before learning about the efficiency tips, let’s understand the term boiler efficiency. Every boiler aims to create the little possible amount of flue gas having the lowest temperature. For instance, if the boiler draws in cool air, a lower stack gas temperature is suitable. It’s because the high temperature means more energy goes with the flue gas. If your boiler system doesn’t follow the right process, then it means there’s something wrong with the boiler controls

Below are six easy steps that help your boiler system to have more efficiency. Plus, help you to save your immense monthly bills.


Lowering stack temperature means lowering the operating pressure of steam boilers and reducing the operating temperature for hydronic boilers, especially at night and on mild days.


An economizer is an essential part of the boiler system. it uses hot flue gas waste to heat feed water coming on its way. If your system has a poor economizer or has no economizer, then you may end up with high maintenance costs. Plus, it deteriorates the efficiency of the boiler system.


Another major concern when it comes to boiler efficiency is not having the right amount of air. Do you know that for adequate combustion of fuel, an amount of gas (oxygen) is required? Too little air can lead to the development of high carbon monoxide inside the boiler. You will get less heat which signifies lower efficiency. In such scenarios, tuning of the burner is needed to have the balance of the air.

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Many commercial industries remove the insulation on valves in the boiler room. Well, it’s a good practice as a large valve can lead to loss of heat loss and damage the boilers by increasing the unbearable temperature in the room. Removing the insulation on valves lowers down the risk of burns and also makes maintenance easy.


Over time, one can see the build of fireside on the boiler tubes, which impact the entire system of the boiler. This layer acts as an insulator that increases the fuel rate & lowers the heat transfer. When the heat transfer rate is reduced, the heat is not transferred to the water, which increases the stack temperature. So, ensure to clean the fireside in a timely manner that maintains the higher efficiency of the boiler control system.  


It’s significant to keep the waterside clean & free of leakages. That’s why it’s recommended to inspect the waterside daily. Clear any mud or mud drums for a smooth transfer of heat to the water. If not cleaned, then you may end up with high water hardness preventing the heat transfer. Also can lead to overheating, which results in costly repairs. 

Final Suggestions

Efficiency is the key that allows your boiler control system to sustain itself for a longer term. However, maintaining efficiency is in your hands to some extent. So following the above guidelines uplift the boiler’s efficiency. 

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