An Ottoman for Your Sofa: How to Choose It?


Ottomans have become a must-have piece of furniture over the last several years. Moreover, they are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture and have stolen the show on numerous occasions. 

From storage to extra seating, these low to the ground pieces can be an excellent addition to your space. If you are thinking of getting a new Ottoman, here is a guide that helps you choose the right one. 

Consider the Function of your Ottoman

Ottoman doesn’t have to be restricted to being a coffee table or to place the guest’s feet – this furniture piece can be placed in front of the makeup vanity where you can do your skincare. Ensure to figure out its purpose before heading out to nearby stores.  Read also about:parquet flooring in Dubai

If you wish to use it as a footrest, find the one with a sturdy surface and a tufted leather top. For example, a tufted Ottoman is one of the elegant choices that holds a textured and dynamic surface and can serve as a footrest.

Those who want to use Ottoman for additional storage purposes can opt for Ottoman constructed with a flip-top cover or a separated removable top. 

Set a Budget

Creating a budget for buying a piece of furniture is always a sound idea. Some of the points to consider include the quality, price, and your couch’s current age. If the sofa is newer and still in pristine condition, investing in an Ottoman would be a brilliant idea as you will be using both such pieces for a while. 

On the contrary, if the couch is not in good condition and needs to get replaced, try not to invest as much and keep your options open. 

If you are on the lookout for a luxurious Ottoman that adds a statement to your space, consider the Brosa collection. They hold an endless variety of contemporary style Ottomans – a significant addition to your space. Get your ottoman here

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Style and Color

Ottomans come in various styles and colors but simply getting a model that looks good to you is not a smart move. Choosing the right style and color is significant. Ensure to look for the one that matches the rest of the furniture in the room. Color, material, and pattern are vital factors you need to consider. 

For example, if you have a traditional dark blue sofa set, choosing a fuchsia or white Ottoman color would work best and provide that missing look you have been churning for a long. 

Use Something Extra in Terms of Design 

If you are bored with your living space’s neutral color schemes, choosing an Ottoman with texture or prints, unlike your sofa color, can be an excellent idea to enhance the entire space’s feel. 

Suppose your living room has a black Sofa and other furniture pieces. In that case, you can add something more vibrant than picking an Ottoman with turquoise or a bright shade of yellow, which could be ideal for you.

On the other hand, if you want to stay with the black color, pick a black color Ottoman coated with black/golden fur.

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Consider the shape and Scale 

 Ottomans come in endless varieties, from rectangular and square shapes to oval and freeform. If you want, you can consider the round or square shape as they are the most traditional Ottoman options. Moreover, you are free to experiment with the different shapes. 

Picking an Ottoman that holds a different shape from your couch will intensify the look and ensure seamless contrast. Remember, the scale of the furniture directly affects the entire look. So, if your couch is on the smaller side, buying an enormous Ottoman will not be a smart option. 

Choose the Right Ottoman Material 

Selecting the suitable Ottoman material for your space is vital. You will find various types of material, from velvet and leather to microfiber and cotton. However, cotton and twill are the most common material used to stuff these pieces of furniture.

The texture usually defines how it will look and fit in your space. If you have kids, it would be advisable to opt for a darker color to prevent getting dirty. Moreover, if your living room already holds fabric furniture, you can opt for a fabric Ottoman. 


Wrap UP 

Due to their versatile nature, ottomans have become the most functional piece of furniture. Therefore, there are endless ways to pair your Ottoman with other furnishings. So, if you still do not have one at home, now is the time to get one. Make sure to consider the one that suits your lifestyle and complements your living area. 

Ottomans can perform various tasks in the living area, ranging from the footrest to a makeshift coffee table for additional storage. This exceptional piece holds the potential to provide you with an opportunity to use it at your convenience. 

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