How to install interior French doors?


If you are bored with your plain sliding doors and want some light peeking through with some additional chic to must opt for the interior French doors. So, to install interior French door proper expertise is required provided with some additional guidelines.

What are French doors?

French doors are an amalgamation of two paired glass doors with an outward opening because of the absence of a center jam.

French doors are sure the best way to cordon off the internal rooms without extra light cuttings and thus just like that it brightens up your place by providing additional interior designing touches.

A French door is well known and was acknowledged as the best safety door. Which now is more stylish with the artistic and technological upgradations.

Placement of the French door:

French doors are utilized to get the most of the light-facing the courtyard. However, in most of the houses with aesthetic upgrades, these are also adored and placed as the front door. The usage of the French door interior is also practiced and is more suited for the houses in which two rooms and one room is opening in the darker room.

Installation of the French door:

It is undoubtedly more tricker than replacing your single side washroom door. It is suggested to take some professional assistance to make sure the proper installation of the French door. So just be open to getting some external help before taking the challenge of French door installment.

Installing French doors is not easy, however, it’s not impossible. With some skill, care, and patience you will be able to install such beauty in your house and can enthrall your house aesthetics.

Things required for installation are an inches-tape, screws, hammer, shims, carpenter level and square, chisel, saws, drill machine, screwdriver, mallets, pry bar, and nails.

Installation procedure:

  • You need to remove the old door with care to avoid trim damage while using a hammer or other tools. The best option is to label the trim which will make the installation even more convenient and fast.
  • Tips are to give attention to details and make sure to take measurements perfectly using carpenters’ squares or levels.
  • By using shims, you will be able to install the French door. Here you might want to check the details of the perfect frame fittings. Is the door opening smooth and everything is aligned or not?
  • After taking the notices of the details make the installation permanent by using the screws and nails.
  • Now you just have to hang the door in y using the required installment tools and also install the additional door hardware like latches etc.

Bottom line:

Mentioned above is the most convenient and simplest procedure to install interior French doors. But I would suggest you get the assistance of the expert here because it’s always easier to say than doing and you might end up destroying your property. Especially when you want to install the exterior French doors which have more tricky installation than interior French door installation.

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