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Your mic has a similar role to your webcam – it can make your stream great or ruin it, and it’s just as easy to manage it well as it is to fail miserably. One of the most annoying things to watch is a stream with an echo. If you are using a microphone on your desk or the one built into your webcam, you MUST switch to a headset. 

There is nothing wrong with these mics themselves, but they will pick up the sounds coming out of your speakers and make the experience unpleasant for your audience. If you want to produce a quality stream, a quality microphone is necessary. And you won’t have to break the bank to get one, some of the best microphones for streaming can be bought for a price well below the $80 mark.

Another popular element of streaming is playing music in the background during your gaming sessions. It’s simple, it boils down to playing music on the same PC you are streaming on. But some limitations are to be expected. 

Twitch has an automatic system that mutes recordings of streams using copyrighted music. This will not change anything in your live stream, but the sound of VOD recordings of your streams will be cut in 30-minute increments whenever an unauthorized song is spotted.

A good alternative is to use Twitch’s free music library, which currently has over 1,500 songs, most of which are available in Spotify playlists. Otherwise, you still have the option of keeping the music of the game you are playing. Whatever your sound organization, the balance between your microphone, your music, and the sound of your game is fundamental. 

You need to be able to hear all three at appropriate volumes. So prepare for a number of tests. Streamlabs OBS has the ability to record your streams so that you can test your setup, watch the recording, and make the necessary volume adjustments for each audio track. It might seem trivial to you, but music that is too loud or a microphone that is too weak can quickly become unpleasant for the viewer. Twitch viewer bot is real when you stay very consistent and get active streaming. 

Set up the stage

At this point, you are almost ready to begin streaming. All you have to do is get everything in place in Streamlabs OBS. When you open Streamlabs, click on the Editor tab, where an empty stage should already be. You will need to add the game you are streaming first, so launch it now. 

Then, alt-tap to return to Streamlabs and click on the Add symbol at the top of the Sources list. Choose Game Capture, then give the source a name and select the game you want to stream from the app drop-down menu, then click OK.

To add your webcam, make sure it is plugged in, then add another source, then select Video Capture Device. Give the source a name and select your webcam from the drop-down list of devices. If you want to set the resolution for something specific this is the time to do so, if not, click OK, you will, of course, be able to change the display size of the webcam in the scene view. 

Drag your sources to the location that works best for you. When you click on a source, a border will display around it, meaning that you can click on the sides or corners and move them to resize them. To crop a source, all you have to do is resize it while holding down the ALT key.

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