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The kind of platform you use depends on your budget and goals. You may use multiple platforms with varieties of audiences though you don’t want to use all the platforms as it would be overwhelming. Even so, of importance still is knowing specific platforms you will use before diving into advertising. Wondering how to know the best platforms to use amidst several platforms, worry no more. This article takes a deep dive into the best platforms you can use to take your business to the next level. After knowing your business goals, you can easily select the platform to use.

1. YouTube

This is the king of all video sharing platforms in the world thus a perfect platform for paid ads especially those of video content. Even so, companies already focusing on text ads may not find this platform to be useful. Marketing has become very competitive due to the influx of businesses into online marketing, even so, YouTube gives a delightful deal; collaborate with influencers to buy YouTube views. Think of the last time you were on YouTube. Before watching the content, you have to wait for five seconds for some ads after which you can skip them. 

These ads are paid for therefore as a consumer you have to bear with it. But how are the ads charged? Are the ads impactful? Now, if the audience views your ad for more than five minutes, you have to pay for it. Moreover, in the case of optional ads, if the audience views the content for more than 30 minutes, you are charged according to the rate agreed upon.

Are you having a business that just starting? Are you having an established business? These platforms work perfectly for both and the beauty of it is that it renews themselves as long as you use them. For shoppers at the beginning of the shopping funnel, this is the place to start. Brace yourself and dive in.

2. Google ads

This is the most common platform in paid ads. Here, you get to display your PPC ads at the top of Google search results. Since Google is the biggest search engine, you can take advantage of the tools available there and steer your business to the next level. Are you using display ads? Google got you covered as well. To advertise on popular websites, you can use google display. This makes Google a very important platform as it provides both search and display ads.

3. Twitter

This is an immense social media platform that has grown exponentially in the last few years. It’s famous for having a limited number of tweets, 280 characters. Here, every word counts. Being a leading social media platform, it provides an opportunity of grabbing their audience’s attention while giving them the information they so much need. There are different ad options that Twitter provides. Here are some

  • Promoted Tweets; These ads look like regular tweets. They are advantageous as they allow you to share content with users who are not following you as well.
  • Promoted accounts; are also known as follower campaigns. For those having similar content to yours, this type of ad promotes your Twitter account by encouraging them to follow you. It’s very impactful since getting followers with similar content enables you to get their followers as well.

Paid advertising provides for disruptive traffic. Having this ad on Twitter will allow you to reach both those following you and those not following you. Just imagine. Get to Twitter today and all these benefits will be yours.

4. Facebook

This is the most widely used social media platform in the world. For marketers, here is the good news for you, more than 90% of businesses use Facebook in one way or the other. Do you have a Facebook page for your business? Being one of the largest social media platforms, businesses have varieties of opportunities including both marketing and advertising.

Moreover, Facebook also enhances your brand visibility. How do you keep your audience up to date with the daily news? Do you have increased sales after every quarter? How do you promote your sales, collect reviews and advertise while also providing customer service? Worth noting is that most people nowadays prefer to shop online. So how would you engage with them?

5. Pinterest

This is a discovery platform that is usually used as a digital inspiration board. Have you created a post on Pinterest? Have you experienced an increase in sales? Pinterest allows you to create a natural link to your website which allows users to learn more about your product.

In the past few years, the users of this platform have grown to more than 400 million making it one of the most sought-after marketing platforms. Moreover, this platform promote a focus on specific products thus may be important especially for eCommerce brands. There are several ads on Pinterest;

  • Promoted App pins: These are mobile-only ads that enable users to download your app from Pinterest. Come to think of it, most customers use mobile phones way much more than their desktops. Think of the last time you ordered uber eats. Think of the last time you ordered goods on Amazon. Unless you were in the house, you used your phone. By letting your audience download your app on Pinterest, you will get a big edge over your competitors.
  • Promoted video pins: Unlike promoted pins, here the image is replaced with a video. These are ubiquitous as they appear in both home feed search results and the ‘more like this ‘option. Do you have a product story? Have you ever told it to your audience? These platforms present you with a platform to do just that. Try it out. It will be a pure delight.
  • Promoted Carousels: These platforms offer two to five images for your users to swipe through. As psychologists say, just by seeing an image of something, our brains are activated by 66%. With the images, a deeper connection with your products is enhanced. Moreover, these types of ads are boosted and targeted to have a wider reach.

As can be seen, there are very many platforms to do your paid ad campaigns. Even before choosing the best ones, it’s important to know that using a few social media platforms that are widely used is better than trying to enhance your presence on every platform. To start, have accounts in a few and see which ones best suits your business.

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