How Does a Trainer Help in Choosing Boxing Gloves for Sparring


When it comes to sparring, there are a lot of factors that are interconnected with you and your partner. The reason is that you two are involved in the same game. Thus the protection is also interconnected in this way. In general, it can be narrated that the range includes 14oz gloves to 20oz gloves for sparring as this range falls in the most appropriate choice in this case. Here the role of your trainer is very important, they will let you know about the right size and type of gloves. 

Infinitude Fight is one of the most reliable companies that offer to get your customized boxing gloves at a reasonable price. So, you can get your favorite picture or quotation in ink on your gloves. 

Let’s get to know the features of Sparring gloves: 

Heavy knuckle padding:

The main feature of sparring gloves is heavy knuckle padding. Due to heavy knuckle padding, these gloves provide maximum protection against punches. Actually, heavy padding protects both candidates because it slows down the attacker’s speed, reducing the throw of the punch that results in less force applied. So in such situations when you are not intended to hurt your opponent but to play for the sake of practice, sparring gloves are the best pick. 

Weight Availability  

There is a big range of different weights of boxing gloves. For sparring, even professionals prefer 14oz, 16oz 18oz, and 20oz gloves. 20oz is the heaviest padding of gloves. No doubt heavy padding protects against injuries thus its safe but at the same time, it needs more energy to attack. That’s how it divides the applied force and reduces the punching frequency. One thing is to be noted that as heavier padding protest your hand against injuries, it also affects your hand grip a bit. You can get over it as long as you keep on practicing. So, at the time of buying boxing gloves, you need to be highly attentive to your perfect hand size to avoid the improper fitting of your new gloves.  

most importantly, the weight of your gloves will be determined by your physical weight. A heavier body will need 16oz to 20oz boxing gloves and vice versa.

All-round uses 

Sparring gloves are useful in training, heavy bag practice, and pad hitting. The reason behind is, these gloves are specially designed to protect the thumb and the knuckles properly with the help of a pad inside it. This padding protects your knuckles and thumbs properly so that any wrong position could not hurt you at the end of the day. 

Perfect Thumb location: 

In old ages, boxers sufferend too much due to their thumb injuries and their opponents used to face eyes gouges in the result of wrong thumb direction. Keeping in mind this factor, the glove manufacturers started focusing on the shape of the glove that can provide the thumb a safe direction. You can observe the point by closing your fist and throwing a soft punch on the wall slowly, now see whether the thumb touches the wall firstly or the knuckles. 

Thus, you will get to know that the thumb encounters the wall firstly, then it gets bend a bit and the knuckle approaches the surface. Thats how both the attacker and the partner used to get injured. Keeping that important fact into consideration, the boxing gloves provide the thumb in the right direction and help in avoiding injuries. Your trainer will assist you better in finalizing all these steps. So it’s better to get pro advice before placing your order.  

Frequently asked questions:

1-      What are 16oz gloves used for?

Basically, 16oz boxing gloves are gloves that are designed with heavy padding. Thus, they provide more protection to the puncher’s hand and the opponent as well. It is to be noted that the heavy padding does slow down the speed, but they are still the choice of all boxers. Both beginners and pro boxers prefer 16oz gloves for sparring, training, bag punching, and pad hitting.

2-      Why do boxers hug?

Apparently, it looks like a hug but actually, it’s a trick to take a short break from the fight. It happens when one of the fighters wants to crack the rhythm of the other one, or in case one of them is tired or hurt. This way, they take a shorter break by\ clinching their opponent. It generally helps both candidates in bringing a new start.

3-      Do 16oz gloves hurt?

There are two options available, 16oz gloves with heavy knuckle padding and 16oz gloves with heavy strap padding. If you are using gloves with heavy knuckle padding, then you and your opponent will hurt less because it reduces the hitting speed and force. But in the other case, you and your opponent will get hurt more.

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