How Much Does A Granny Flat Cost?


We all know that having a granny flat can be an excellent investment and additional revenue option. It also acts as a perfect place for your aging parents or your guests visiting you for your weekend. A granny flat adds up to your revenue source and gives you some extra income if rented out. Read out my blog to know all about it.

How Much Does A Granny Flat Cost?

There are numerous styles in which you can build these granny flats. But How much does a granny flat cost? The cost varies considerably depending on the size and the amenities in the flat. Building a granny flat may typically range from $50,000 to over $150,000; still, the actual cost depends on the size, the land location and condition, the material used in construction, and the furniture and fixtures used and above all on builders you choose like Granny Flat Solutions Australia. Some other expenses that play a significant role are the plumbing and electrical expenses. 

We know that building a granny home is worth it. Let us see the costs involved in the same.

An excellent way to lower the building costs is to renovate your old shed or garage into a granny flat. You may even involve yourself in the construction work or indulge in painting or landscaping the home. 

Constructing a flat needs many approvals before you start building the flat. The approval costs also need to be taken care of.  These laws of consent may vary in different places, and so does the price. 

Granny flats are not very cheap but less expensive than a house extension. They offer a great return on investment. You can get quotes from various builders and compare the same. These costs must involve all the minute costs and details involved in building the flat.

Some builders include plumbing, slab, and electricity when they quote the prices. The prices may be quoted per meter, like $150 per meter of construction. Some prices may include excavation and filling costs too. Some builders include power points, bathroom fittings, modular kitchen, Laundry tub, flooring, custom cladding, and electric fittings in the quotation. 

Styles of granny flats available:

There are three types of flats that you can consider building:

1. Custom built

2. Granny Flats with available Kits 

3. Flatpack flats 

The builders of these granny flats can quickly ship these flats to your location. A kit granny flat is fully built, and you only need to lay the foundation and take care of electricity and water fittings. Flatpack granny flats and Kits come in numerous styles. If you prefer to show your creativity, you may opt for a custom granny flat. Your granny flat will add value to the property and give a great return on the price invested. 


The price involved in building a granny flat varies with the size, location, quality of construction, and builder you choose. You must make a thoughtful decision after comparing the quotes from various builders. It is a one-time investment that will provide you with an additional source of revenue.

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