Can US Businesses Use Social WiFi Marketing as a Captive Portal Tool?


Social WiFi marketing is helping businesses in the USA to attract more customers. So, get your business WiFi device from EZ Smart WiFi now.

To run a successful business, you need to advertise it in the best way. The competition in the business industry has increased a lot. Therefore, to ensure that your business is running well, you need to find the right marketing strategies. A new trend that is getting popular in the market is the use of WiFi marketing tools. It helps you in finding the right audience for your business. So, if you want your brand to become common among people, then start using social WiFi marketing strategy. 

Brands that follow the right advertising methods become popular among people. You may have heard about the captive portal. This contains the information regarding products that your brand is selling. As mentioned earlier, WiFi marketing is the latest trend that businesses are using these days. So, you should get your business WiFi from EZ Smart WiFi. It acts like a captive portal tool that directs visitors to the landing page of your brand. 

The landing page contains all the products and their information. Visitors can explore all of them and find out their favorite products. But this is only possible when you provide free WiFi to every visitor that comes to your brand. Your visitors do not need to provide any password to access the internet, they simply need to provide their social information and start using the free internet. This can turn out to be very advantageous for your business as customers will stay longer in your shop and a longer stay means a healthy bill. 

Social WiFi Marketing Helps in Knowing Your Customers 

It gets easy to grow your business when you know your customers. You can easily send them promotions regarding their favorite products on their social profiles. But how will you get to know the interest of your visitors? This is where your business WiFi helps you out. Remember your visitors provide their social information to get access to the internet? You use that information and analyze it to know the interests of every user that has used your WiFi. 

Social WiFi advertising is not like traditional marketing. It brings a lot of advantages to your business. By using traditional marketing strategies, business owners can not know their target audience. The reason is that they do not know who is seeing their brochures and who is not. However, this is not the case with WiFi marketing. It not only allows you to know your customers but improve the shopping experience of your customers as well. 

Let’s dig deep and explore some of the benefits that social WiFi marketing can bring to your business. Some of them are discussed below:

You Can Capture Data

People waste time while finding their favorite products. Your business WiFi collects data of every user that connects with it. With this data, you can help visitors in finding their favorite products. This can make your brand their favorite as you not only send them promotions but help in finding the products that they are looking for. 

You Can Improve Reviews

Online businesses can only attract visitors if they are providing their favorite products and convert them to customers with good reviews. To improve your social ranking, your business needs good reviews. This is where your business WiFi can help you. When visitors connect with it, it asks them for a review after their visit. With this feature, you can see all the reviews and manage the negative ones by solving the issues. 

You Can do Email Marketing

Although marketing is a long procedure still, email marketing does not take a lot of your time. Moreover, it is result-oriented as well. Your business WiFi has the emails of users that have connected with it. You can send marketing emails to all of them whether they visit you or not. Plus, you can send automatic emails to the list of visitors and save time and money both at the same time. 

You Can Send Digital Brochures 

Gone are the days when businesses used traditional marketing strategies. There is no need to print brochures and spread them anymore. WiFi marketing tools allow you to collect the data of your customers so that you could use it in the best way. You can create digital brochures and send them to visitors according to their interests. Moreover, you can also offer discounts through these brochures

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