Why a VoIP Phone System is Essential for Small Businesses?

VoIP Phone System

In these modern days, the VoIP phone system is the key to success. IPPBX is one of the best companies that is providing VoIP services.

In these modern days, every company wants to use an effective communication medium that can make their business successful. Therefore, companies are using many communication mediums to communicate with clients. So, VoIP services are the best for communication with different users. These services provide users with unlimited calls at a low cost without any disturbance. Many VoIP service providers are offering their services to many small businesses. If you are bored of using a traditional office phone which provides laggy voice calls then you should switch to a VoIP phone system. 

What is a VoIP phone system?

A VoIP phone is a hardware telephone designed to use voice over internet protocol (VoIP). It uses internet protocol (IP) technology to send and receive phone calls over an IP address. The phone converts analog telephony audio to digital data that can be transmitted over the internet. It also converts digital signals from the internet to standard telephone audio. therefore, these phone systems are the modern telecommunication software that is making businesses  efficient.

How does a VoIP Phone Work?

VoIP phones work with the help of the internet. It simply converts your analog signals to digital signals. VoIP phones work through the physical phone that uses VoIP service. However, a VoIP phone may require networking components. VoIP phones are assigned with IP addresses through the dynamic host configuration protocol (DHCP), which is automatically configured with the VoIP provider. PBX is a variant of a VoIP phone. PBX system for small business organizations is very essential in these modern days.  

Type of VoIP Phones

In these modern days, many companies are using VoIP, phone over internet, to communicate with clients. Therefore, two types of VoIP phones are very popular in this modern era.

  • Hardware-based IP phones
  • Software-based IP phones

Hardware-Based IP Phones

A hardware-based phone is just like an old phone. These kinds of phones include a physical feature, such as a speakerphone or microphone that will make the communication better. VoIP phones also feature call transfer, multi-line calling, and support for multiple VoIP accounts. Some VoIP phones can transmit and receive image data during calls, which is known as video telephones.

Software-Based IP Phones

A VoIP phone is also known as a softphone or mobile application that can be accessed remotely. Users can easily install this VoIP software on their mobile devices. Many VoIP service providers are providing their mobile applications to many companies. A headset with a microphone that connects to the computer or mobile device is encouraged or sometimes required, to conduct calls. Users can also make calls using their device if it includes a built-in microphone. Therefore, using this software users can easily perform video conferencing and instant messaging. 

VoIP Phone Features

There are many features that VoIP provides to the company. Following are the features that can make your business more effective and successful.

  • Instant messaging
  • Video calling
  • Text messaging
  • Online faxing
  • Voicemail
  • Auto-attendant
  • Call recording 
  • Call routing

VoIP Phone  Vs Traditional Phone

VoIP phones are quite different from traditional phones, such as landlines and cellular phones. These phones are connected and rely on IP networks rather than physical wiring to the PTSN network. However, compared to the landline phone deployed on a similar scale. VoIP phones are less costly and require less maintenance. These phones rely on the internet so your business needs to have fast and stable internet so your employee can communicate without any disturbance. While modern mobile phones may have many of the features included in VoIP phone systems, they generally lack enterprise-focused features, such as analytics, CRM, and software integration.

Advantages of VoIP Phone

VoIP phones can make your business more successful than traditional phones. Following are the advantages of VoIP phones.

Cost Savings

These phone services are less expensive. Organizations can easily save a lot of costs if they use these services for their business. These IP phones also offer less expensive long-distance international calls


VoIP Phones offer great mobility and scalability than traditional phones. If you switch your phone service to VoIP phone service then you can easily become more successful. A company doesn’t require any new phone lines they can be easily integrated with old phones. Softphones also provide increased mobility, as clients are not tied to physical locations as they would be with hard-wired phones. 

Final Thoughts

A VoIP phone system can easily make your business more successful and efficient. Many companies are using this system to improve their customer care. Therefore, PBX for small business organizations can easily make your company more stable and effective. 


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