CoD Warzone: First Person Shooter Game Strategy Guide


COD Warzone is one of the most popular games these days. This time, COD has introduced new features and updated some old ones to make the game more adventurous. Though the Warzone version is quite tricky, a useful guide can help you to make great strategies. Below, some of the best strategies are listed that will improve your game:

Strategies that can help to play CoD Warzone

  1. Drop quickly

If you aim to secure a good position in the game, you need to strategize before your actual landing. For a quick landing, you can cut the strings of your parachute. This is the fastest way to join the battlefield. Keeping the parachute open can slow down your speed. That is why it is advised to shift to free-falling mode to get a speed booster. Moreover, when you land quickly, you get better weapons and save yourself from all the firings.

  1. Target your enemies

Killing your enemies even before landing on the map can give you some advantages. You join the game with 150 players so the more you kill, your chances of survival increases. That is why experienced players kill their opponents before they drop on the map. To get these easy kills, you need to cut your parachute and shoot your enemies.

  1. Get a UAV

Weapons play a great role in this game. Some of them are very vital for your survival. For example, if you buy a good UAV from the Buy Station, you can monitor some parts of your map and check your enemies’ location. 

There is another advantage of UAV weapons. When you and your two team members use this weapon at the same time, you can check the location of 147 other players on the map. But, for some players, purchasing a sophisticated UAV can be costly, and you can only use it for a limited time.

  1. Use ping

The pinging feature is very useful in this game. You can ping anywhere on the map. Thus one can mark their enemies and situate plunders. This also helps you to keep your teammates informed about your surroundings. If there is a nearby enemy, double-clicking these ping keys will alert them. This is one of the most helpful and undetected Warzone Hack (PC).

  1. Share with team

When you are playing with a team, you cannot be selfish. Always remember, a strong team stands a better chance of survival. If you are playing this game with weak teammates, you hardly stand a chance. So, share your resources with your teammates and make a strong team. On the left side of the bottom of your screen, you can see the finances of your team members. Sharing with your team is also helpful because if you get killed, they can buy your back. So, always make sure that every team member has $4500 cash for buying any member back.

  1. Aim properly

In such a brutal game, you have to aim accurately. Missing too many shots can put you in danger. On the one hand, you are wasting your bullets, and on the other hand, your enemies become aware of your position and counterattack. So, try using a base to fix your weapon before shooting. Thus, you can get more accurate shots and use fewer recoils. Using this strategy can be a game-changer for you and your teammates.

7. Complete contracts

Cash also plays a vital role in this game. But how can you get quick cash? The answer is quite simple! Contacts! These are the easiest ways to get good cash and rewards. These contacts can ask you to complete different tasks, from killing a person to looting some crates. After completing each contact, you will get exciting rewards. So, focus on completing as many contracts as possible.

8. Use loadout packages

In this version, you can choose your loadout package. Thus, you can customize your weapons according to your skills. If you do not have that much money, you can also get the load out drops from looting. Getting these loadouts gives you an upper hand over your opponents. But be careful while collecting these drops because other players are also aiming for those. 

9. Stay under cover

If you want to stay alive in this game, you have to keep yourself shielded. In Warzone, you can use armor plates under your uniform. You can use three plates as the maximum shield. These will uplift your health and protect you from shots. You store five additional shields and share them with your teammates.


These are all the useful tips that will aid you in making effective battle strategies. Pro players give all these tips so you can rely on them. Years of dedicated practice and focus are required to master a game. So, follow these guidelines and make your strategy to conquer COD Warzone.

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