Consulting Is More Than Giving Advice


What do you know about consultancy services? A lot of people believe that consulting is all about giving advice and opinions about a specific situation. However, some individuals are mistaken as a consultancy is more than that. Consultants of any field are experts to assist in multiple ways.

A consultant like Fahim Moledina is responsible for providing valuable guidance to organizations. These recommendations help businesses and people overcome certain problems and improve current operations effectively. Different types of consultants you may come across are as follows:

  • Financial Advisory Consultant
  • Project Management Consultant
  • Strategy Consultant
  • IT Consultant
  • Human Resource Consultant

Take a project management consultant as an example. These are individuals who have enough experience in implementing principles to overcome challenges faced by businesses worldwide. Not only do these experts give recommendations and solutions, but they also analyze every situation in detail to gain a better understanding. In-depth monitoring of business operations allows them to form useful opinions based on verifiable data, which ultimately gives birth to helpful solutions.

Let’s Talk About A Consultant’s Responsibilities

A firm’s leadership, including key decision-makers and executives, seeks a project management consultant’s help to improve their company’s current performance and operations. This in turn leads to notable boosts in a business’s efficiency. Responsibilities of a consultant like Fahim Moledina include;

  • Conducting thorough research along with interviewing a company’s staff and managers to acknowledge the current situation.
  • Performing in-depth analysis into the operations of an organization to find issues.
  • Coming up with ways to resolve problems effectively.
  • Forming plans and assessing the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy.
  • Giving recommendations to the company’s owners and decision-makers about the required improvements.
  • Analyzing statistics to see how a firm is doing financially.
  • Overlooking and reviewing the implementation of the suggested strategies.

All of it simply authenticates the fact that a consultant is more than just giving opinions. A consultant has to be careful while recommending and devising plans for an organization. They need to read a situation from every aspect to give suggestions that contribute to fruitful outcomes.


Traits Of A Good Consultant

There are certain attributes a consultant must possess to fulfill their responsibilities effectively. Here’s what you need to know:

  • They need to have good research skills as finding useful and verified information is necessary.
  • They must showcase good listening skills to become fully aware of the situation.
  • A competent consultant has to be good at communicating their opinions to the clients to ensure adequate delivery of the right message.
  • Project management consultants need to be committed to their profession. New developments are made every day, and consultants have to keep learning to grow and help their clients.
  • A consultant has to be good at decision-making. Indecisiveness is not an option for such individuals.

Other qualities they must have include enough self-confidence, knowledge, and persistence.


Consultants are needed in business to help leaders to manage the situations while achieving the success of the organization. They have the expertise to anticipate, understand, and provide valuable solutions.

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