Does Capillus work for alopecia?


 Laser hair therapy may be right for you if you want to grow your hair and prevent it from thinning. A full head of luscious, thick hair is connected with youth.

Hair loss

 While the average person loses up to 100 hairs per day, these are not always replaced by new growth in some persons. It can be upsetting to realize that you’re losing hair, even if your family history suggests that you should expect it at some point.

Treatment of hair loss

Some types of hair loss can be effectively treated. Low-intensity laser therapy is one of the hair restoration therapies available.  You might be able to reverse or at least slow hair loss.

Alopecia areata

Hair may recover without therapy in some cases, such as patchy hair loss (alopecia areata), within a year.

Laser hair therapy

Laser hair therapy uses medical-grade lasers to deliver low-level laser light to your scalp in a safe and effective manner. Laser therapy is like watering a plant.  Light energy, like water and nutrients, is absorbed by your hair follicles so that your hair can continue to develop.

Light absorption

 As the light is absorbed, microcirculation expands, resulting in a more abundant blood supply and nutrients being delivered to the hair follicle.


Capillus laser caps such as Capillus 82, Capillus 202, and Capillus 272 are available from Hair Club in three different varieties, each with 82, 202, or 272 laser diodes.

Laser coverage

The quantity of laser coverage varies depending on the model. The laser caps provide low-level laser light to your scalp in a safe manner.

Hair follicles

You can stimulate and strengthen the cells in your hair follicles to induce new growth in just 6 minutes per day. Capillus laser caps are an easy and comfortable way to treat hair loss.

Capillus 82

The Capillus82 is an FDA-approved, wearable, battery-powered laser therapy device that doctors suggest for restoring thinning hair due to genetics (androgenetic alopecia) and preventing hair loss progression.


In both men and women, low-level laser therapy administered to the scalp has been demonstrated to encourage hair growth. It is supposed to function by acting on the hair follicles at the cellular level, causing the follicles to enter the anagen (growth) phase.

Cold laser

 Laser cap therapy employs a low-level laser, often known as a cold laser. This low-level laser is directed directly at your scalp during the therapy. According to certain research, it is beneficial on its own in stimulating your scalp to develop new hair.

Laser hair cap

The cap is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack that you may wear on your belt while wearing the hat, allowing you to move freely. Capillus offers three laser therapy caps to cure hair loss, none of which are inexpensive.

Amazon comments

Furthermore, most of the Capillus reviews on Amazon are one-star, with comments like “It’s a fraud,” “I have seen zero changes in my hair,” and “NEVER buy this product or anything from this brand.” The reviews don’t get any better on other sites, while there are a few people who say the product worked well for them.


The benefits of laser cap therapy include the fact that it is safe, effective, noninvasive, and absolutely painless. Laser cap therapy has a place in hair restoration procedures without a doubt.


However, it is generally most successful when paired with other technologies to produce the best outcomes.

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