Stuck-at-Home Date Night Ideas Guaranteed to Enhance Your Relationship


Among the many ways our lives changed during the pandemic was the limited availability of popular date night destinations. Movie theaters, restaurants, and public spaces like museums, art galleries, and shopping malls were closed or offered limited capacity. Suddenly, people had to find creative ways to enjoy a night out minus the…well… “out.” 

These days, while our cultural habits might be slowly returning to normal, the fact remains that there are many reasons couples could still find themselves exploring the possibility of a date night at home. But don’t worry, a “stuck-at-home” date night can be just as fun and memorable as when you were a kid, and the inclement weather forced you to play indoors.

What follows are five ideas sure to spice up your love life without ever having to leave your home or apartment!

Building An Indoor Fort

Chances are you did this as a kid, right—grabbed every blanket, pillow, and piece of furniture your parents allowed and constructed the world’s largest and softest castle? This time, though, you don’t have any adults around telling you that you can’t use that lampstand or preventing you from taking food inside your fortress. Make it big, make it beautiful, and make it comfy. 

Who knows? It might even spark conversations about a future house design, such as how many rooms it should have, how big the kitchen should be, whether it needs a mudroom, etc. 

And as for that fort, you just constructed…make sure it has a bedroom. 

Make A Charcuterie Board Together

Sure, cooking or baking is always an option, but sometimes our culinary skills are limited, or we lack the necessary kitchen equipment to pull off a refined meal—this is where a charcuterie board comes in. But be adventurous! 

A charcuterie board isn’t a bologna and American cheese platter. Try new items and make a board that includes wildly diverse flavors, colors, and food items that you rarely eat. Add varieties of cheeses, nuts, fruits, vegetables, meats, bread, and crackers. Find jams, mustards, and spreads that excite the taste buds. Try combinations you’d never considered before. 

This type of meal can be as fun to create as it is to eat. 

Create A Home Spa

Somewhere in your bathroom, you have lotions, salts, soaps, and other cosmetic products. Fill the tub with steaming water and soak together. Or turn a small bathroom into a mini-steam room by running the shower hot. Cut up some cucumbers and grab some mint leaves to make spa water. Wear nothing but towels or robes. Give each other a long massage with soft music in the background. Sip some champagne and relax with each other while the world spins on the outside.

Revisit Your Favorite Childhood Games Or Competitions   

Everyone gets nostalgic for the simplicity of childhood games where imagination and creativity were the only things necessary for a good time. Depending on the space available, a rousing game of Hide and Seek is always a blast. But don’t stop there. Using whatever you have in your drawers and closet, try to create costumes of famous people or fictional characters. Purchase a nerf basketball hoop and play one-on-one, color or draw pictures for each other, make oven-baked crafts,  solve a 1000-piece puzzle together or have a pillow fight. 

Play A Game For Couples

Sure, any old board game is an option, but what could be better for an “at-home” date night than playing a game designed specifically to enhance your relationship!? A Game for Couples contains more than 150 questions related to such essential topics as your personal goals, the importance of family, questions about intimacy, and your future dreams. 

The game can be completed in one sitting or played over several days, weeks, or even months. Couples seriously considering making major life decisions together will find the discussions this game inspires to be profoundly helpful.

Alex Walker
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