Does Invisalign Work Permanently?


Invisalign is a concentrated method of dental medicine treatment which is operated by a series of clear removable teeth aligners. This method is used as an substitute to traditional metal dental braces. Again we can say Invisalign is a clear equal result system and it is used by the dentists for teeth resolve. Eat is the world’s biggest clear aligner teeth result method.

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Invisalign method was started in 2006. According to the survey of 2008 near about 7,30,000 patients have completed their Invisalign treatment and many of them are currently in treatment. Santa Clara based medical device company and align technologtechnology,Inc Designs and manufactures invisalign.It is also marketed by them. now there is a lot of trained doctors to provide Invisalign treatment in worldwide. among them from aligns’ statement it is known that only you U.S has 35,790 trained doctors to provide Invisalign treatment.In worldwide this number is 48,130. this technology has 1307 employees worldwide and it has manufactured not less than 32 million aligner’s As of January 29, 2008. When the company reached at 133 patients align technology was in a battle with the makers of a competing product during the period of early 2005 until September 2006.Zia Chisti Was one kind of founder of a lion and he had started ortho clear compete against Invisalign. After that on September 27, 2006 its’ litigation was settled by align technology with ortho clear.Now excepting new cases has been stopped by ortho clear And eat discontinued its’ aligner business worldwide.Then all disputed intellectual property were acquired by align and Elaine didn’t purchase OrthoClear.

Teeth are our precious organ. It reflects our beauty. Everyone wants neat and clean teeth. Curved teeth are not expectable to us. But many people have curved teeth they are not satisfied with their teeth.Then they take some treatment to straight their teeth. It may need more than thousands of dollars to straighten our teeth.It is a huge financial commitment. So at first we must know how long our result will last. There are many orthodontic treatments those provide long lasting results.

There are many aligner treatment but among them Invisalign is the first and leading clear. the doctors and the orthodontic treatment system introduced it as a quicker and more discreet substitute to braces. that time it was lived up to the hype. Though still it isn’t are cheap treatment it is being popular all over the world. But all want to be sure about it because they have to invest a big amount into it. Some several factors are included ultimately who is controls how long the result of our Invisalign treatment will last. but all of the results are not same. the patients are introduced with different experiences. Everyone hope and pray a better result after a you investment.

How long lasting Invisalign result is?

Actually any artificial thing isn’t permanent. it is the actual difference between natural and artificial. This is the same with our treatments. no dental treatment is absolutely permanent. if our teeth move once they always have a tendency. though we straight our teeth with dental treatment they always want to shift back. This is why it is very important to obey our doctors rules and instructions carefully. besides maintaining safe oral hygiene after treatment is must for patients. When we take orthodontic treatment our teeth get a new position. the new position of east tooth is unstable.So they can’t repair within one day and they need some time to adjust.After finishing our treatment results will depend on our take care. If we take our teeth carefully we will get along lasting result.At all our care will determine our result. then our new smile will become very clear and beautiful. Also it is quite possible to last our Invisalign results lifetime with proper maintenance and care.

Where to ensure our results last long:

Add several factors have a great impact behind our Invisalign result we have to maintain  sorts. here are some steps

  • Wearing retainers:Orthodontic treatment hugely depends on retainer. It is needed to iron the retainers 22 hours per day. it is must for first few months. then it should take extra precautions because teeth will be unstable the first year and eat will help to make sure that our teeth stay in place. after passing some months it is enough to add that aligners only at night.
  • Good oral hygiene:Other solution is maintaining oral hygiene. Oral hygiene makes sure healthy teeth. If we don’t or behaves in jum disease or infection will lead our teeth. then they may cause cavities. So it should be highly priority.

Bottom Line: 

Braces and Invisalign both are effective in orthodontic treatment. But Invisalign is faster and preventive.

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