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PDF is a renowned format used for documents and pictures. The format is used at personal and professional levels. However, it is a challenge to edit PDF files. And the only option available is to convert them into other formats and then edit them. But, rather than undergoing all the hassle of converting PDFs into the desired format, what if you could easily edit them in their original form? Well, it is pretty much possible with the free PDF editor. UPDF is a free tool available on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

All about UPDF Editor

This PDF editor Mac is an ideal app to use daily to edit your PDF in any way you want. The app is decked with multiple editing tools that make it simpler to make changes within the file and share it further within a few seconds. So, you can re-work your document in its original format and share it with anyone in no time.

It is a versatile tool that supports different editing and organizing features for text, pages, and images. So, whether you want to edit text, page, paragraph, or images, you can easily do it within the file. Also, it doesn’t compromise the safety of your file in any way. It offers enterprise-grade encryption to ensure no unauthorized person can access your files without your consent.

UPDF Editor is a simple-to-use, quick tool that offers the best editing features to a user. It doesn’t matter the number of files you want to organize or their size; the task will be done within seconds. It is a tool that you can use either at your home, office, or while you’re on the go. It is compatible with all operating systems, and all you need to do is install it, and then you can use it as per your requirement. It offers the luxury of editing your PDF on your task needs.

Major features of UPDF Editor

Edit PDF Document

As stated before, UPDF is an all-rounder tool that allows you to edit text properties and formats like its font style, color, and size. It helps you add and delete texts and organize the layout. You can also amend the text alignment as per your needs.

All in all, it gives you complete control of your document and allows you to add or delete things completely. You can also crop, rotate, delete, replace and extract pictures.

Annotate PDF Files

Searching text in PDF is daunting. But, UPDF eases the issue with its appealing features. The search feature helps you look out for texts from any PDF part. You can also draw on PDF and add comments and shapes to it. If you want to add side notes to your documents, you can use sticky notes.

Organize PDF Files

UPDF is an amazing PDF organizer. Whether you want to assemble the pages or wish to add or delete pages, the software allows you to do it.

With its batch organizing feature, you can organize multiple PDF files simultaneously and view PDFs side by side. In case you want to rearrange or rotate the pages, you can do it easily. Batch organization saves your time and helps you organize massive PDF documents easily. It eases your workload and increases efficiency.

Those who have a problem reading minute text can use its magnification feature to zoom in on the portion and read easily.

Pros of UPDF Editor

Precise editing

One of the major benefits of the UPDF editor is that it offers accurate editing. The tool gives you peace of mind that your document has been edited precisely. You can send it anywhere in its original form immediately after the editing. You don’t lose any data or format here.

Perfect Adobe Acrobat alternative

If you are looking for a free PDF editor, UPDF is the best option. It serves as an ideal Adobe Acrobat alternative and helps you resolve the problem of PDF editing without conversion. You get files edited in their original form for free.

Edit files in real-time

Well, this is an amazing benefit of UPDF. It allows users to edit files in real-time and share them with anyone they want through their email.


It’s clear that UPDF by Superace Software Technologies is a simple and easy-to-use app that makes PDF editing fast and convenient. The tool delivers amazing results without compromising the quality. No data, quality, or format is lost in the procedure. It ends the tedious editing of PDF files with its amazing tool kit. The interface is user-friendly and simple, and you don’t have to be a professional to use this program. Without any hassle, choose to easily edit and organize PDF files and meet your daily work needs. It is a must-have tool for all who consistently deal with PDF files.

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