Everything About Care Custody and Control Liability Insurance


General liability insurance covers several issues. These include property damage and bodily injury. However, there are some exclusions to general liability coverage. On the other hand, care custody and control liability insurance has benefits that make it an excellent option for child-related businesses. 

General Liability Insurance

Care, custody, and control (CCC) exclusions can limit your liability coverage. These policies will not cover claims arising from damage or injuries to someone else’s property. For example, if you lease equipment, your general liability insurance policy may not cover the costs of damage. This exclusion applies to certain types of commercial general liability insurance. You should consult your policy to determine if your coverage extends to the care, custody, and control exclusion.

Most liability insurance policies exclude coverage for care, custody, and control. These exclusions apply when you are temporarily renting or storing property for a client. These policies also exclude coverage for damage to property while you are caring for an individual and these exclusions are common and are easy to overlook. 

Care Custody And Control Liability Insurance

The term care custody and control is often used when discussing liability insurance. It refers to the temporary possession of another person’s property for business purposes. Care custody and control liability insurance can protect a person from losing personal property, including rented items. It also protects a business from financial losses if a property owner’s property is damaged or stolen. The insurance coverage will provide the necessary protection, but there are certain conditions to be met.

A commercial general liability insurance policy does not include coverage for care, custody, and control exposure. However, several insurance contracts are specifically designed to provide this coverage. Generally, a “working definition” of care, custody, and control liability coverage is any exposure created by working on someone else’s property.

Exclusions From General Liability Coverage

A case involving exclusions from care custody and control liability insurance covered an incident where a hotel employee molested a minor. The case was the first of its kind and involved a hotel in which the employee neglected to report sexual misconduct. A judge ruled that the hotel lacked care and custody liability insurance coverage because the hotel lacked reasonable measures to prevent molestation.

The most common exclusion in insurance policies is the care, custody, and control exclusion. It applies to commercial auto insurance policies, as well as general liability policies. This exclusion will not cover damages to property while in the care of a client. The terms care, custody, and control are related, but their meanings overlap and can be interpreted in different ways. In addition, courts can interpret these terms differently than policyholders, so it’s important to understand your policy’s limitations before purchasing coverage.

Benefits Of Care Custody And Control Liability Insurance

A primary advantage of Care Custody and Control liability insurance is the coverage it offers for injuries and death caused to animals in your care. This type of insurance is vital for non-owned horse operations as standard General Liability Insurance policies do not protect personal property. The policy steps in and provides financial protection for the owners in the event of a lawsuit. The following scenario explains the benefits of this type of coverage.

A CCC exclusion is one of the many limitations of general liability insurance policies. This kind of exclusion is commonly found in commercial, and public liability policies. It means that your policy will not cover damages done to rented property. For example, if you’re dealing with a child custody case, you should ensure your policy covers the property you rent. Otherwise, you could find yourself without coverage. 

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